Review for Her Rough Mountain Outlaw By Madison Faye

Her Rough Mountain Outlaw (Blackthorn Mountain Men Book 6)
Hey everyone, so I’m reviewing Her Rough Mountain Outlaw by Madison Maye. This is the 7th in the Blackthorn Mountain Men series.Each can be read in any order as each is a standalone. It has 14 chapters an epilogue.  This story is about Jackie and Stone. We start off seeing that Jackie is on the run from her ex who is a cop. She has an accident and that’s where Stone saves her. It definitely was a case of instalove/lust. He sees the bullet holes in the back of her car so he knows she’s on the run and he’s going to do everything in his power to protect her. Everything moves super fast.Jackie tells stone that she has a daughter thinking it will change things, but it doesn’t. I love how they are together. There is lots of hot awesome sex. They are both in from the very beginning. Stone and his friends go to get her daughter and sister, but they have to get through the police checkpoint first,and he sees the ex for the first time. they get there back and safely. The ex and his cronies do show up, but with the help of the FBI they were able to protect Jackie and Brooke.  It’s a pretty great story. I loved it. If you don’t like reading about sex, this story isn’t for you. This is a great read. Epilogue has them married and building a bigger space. Hope you check it out. Check back soon for more awesome stories.

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