Review for Daddy Issues By Dani Wyatt

Daddy Issues Bundle

May be Spoilers:

Blurb: ENJOY Dani’s newest…Kiss Me Goodnight for a Limited TIME as exclusive NEW CONTENT from in her DADDY ISSUES Bundle with three of her other incredibly hot Daddy reads!! Dani is one of the champions of the Daddy genre. Leave your guilt behind and sink into these delicious, sweet and filthy Daddy/babygirl stories, we won’t tell.
The day I met her I was trying to decide if staying alive was a viable option for me.
Then, one look at the girl who is now mine to raise and those dark thoughts are vanquished. With eyes the color of sunflowers and a smile that tells me she needs me had me making a promise to myself in that instant.
I will never touch her. She’s too pure. Too young. It’s wrong.
Except, each time she calls me Daddy, my resolve weakens.
I can’t help myself. I ask her for something. Something that breaks that very promise.
Kiss me goodnight.
God help us both.
Author’s Note: This is Daddy Babygirl yumminess and included exclusively now with the DADDY ISSUES bundle of three other of my favorite Daddy reads. In Kiss Me Goodnight, Cupid delivers an arrow straight to the hearts of these two, but it takes them a few years to get to the sticky bits. It’s that special sort of love, the obsessed stalker kind. So, grab this bundle of FOUR HOT, HAPPILY EVER AFTER, LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT Daddy stories with one brand new in Kiss Me Goodnight!! Have fun and be a good girl for Daddy.

Hey everyone,I’m reviewing Daddy Issues by Dani Wyatt. This package has 4 books. The first story is Angel. It’s 16 chapters and 3 epilogues. This story is about Magnus and Cassie. So in the beginning, we see that Magnus has been head over heels for Cassie for 3 months, but he hasn’t made a move yet. We see that he’s given up his business because a mistake was made and a girl was killed and he lost a foot. There is daddy/ little girl talk.We see that Cassie has had a tough time. She recently lost her mom and dog. She just wants someone to take care of her for a change. They both are a little broken. They both want the other but don’t realize the other feels the same. This is a little on the immature side, but T can’t help it, I do like it. She is transferred to another art gallery and her boss tries to get her to give him a blow job as a sign of her appreciation, but she lets him have it and then runs out where she breaks down and Magnus shows up and he’s pissed that she’s upset. He’s so in love with her. You can just feel it. Everything moves super fast. There are a few steamy parts, just know that it’s daddy talk. I do have to say that I skimmed most of this. There was slight drama when someone tells her about his past but doesn’t explain, so she freaks out for a minute until they talk and then everything is good. Epilogue has them married with children. I gave it 4*. Next in the box set was Mastering Her Heart. It has 12 chapters and an epilogue. This story is about Willow and Pike. Lots of daddy talk and steamy bits. We see that he was married to her mom, as a business deal, they have never even kissed. He hasn’t been with anyone since before they married and definitely not after seeing Willow for the first time even though he didn’t see her as a woman for a few years, he still knew she was his. He is so into her and she is with him as well. He does own a BDSM club, but he hasn’t participated since he met her. Their first meeting after so long was pretty hot. They are still in love with the other. He’s definitely all in. They do get together which is pretty great. I love them together. We see that her mom is terrible. She was raped when she was younger and the mom blamed her for it and now she wants her daughter to apologize to this guy and his father so she can get their business. Are you kidding me?That is just terrible. She even threatens Pike if she doesn’t write a letter recanting everything that she said about the rape. She’s very hurt as you can imagine about her mother taking her rapist side. So we see that not only did Willow get a phone call from her mom  but Pike did too. He has to do something for the business and he’s supposed to give up Willow or the mother is going to destroy Willow. They are both heartbroken and neither one of them discuss it with the other as they are trying to protect each other.He’s not going to let anything come between him and Willow. The man who raped Willow when she was 16 tries to do it again but Pike shows up and protects her and stands behind her and supports her. They all get what they deserve. I loved it. Epilogue has them married and she’s 3 months pregnant. Great read. I gave it 4*. 3rd story is His Rules. It’s 6 chapters with an epilogue. This story is about Rueger and Lexi. So we see starting off that he is a mentor for her since she’s gotten herself on probation.They both have fallen fast. There is daddy talk . It’s a quick read. I liked it, but I did a lot of skimming. Epilogue has them just getting married and finding out they are pregnant with twins. I gave it 4*. The last story is Kiss Me Goodnight. It’s 10 chapters and 2 epilogues. This story is about Brinna and  Ace. So we see that he’s her guardian and he’s so in love with her. They get together and it is awesome, yeah there is quite a bit of steamy parts.There is slight drama when she’s told that Ace has been seeing a woman a couple times a week. She’s heartbroken, but it’s innocent and he catches her when she’s running away. He explains everything and everything is good again. Great read, I loved it. Epilogue has them married with twins. The whole bundle is daddy talk and all of it is safe. I gave it 4****Thanks for reading. Check back soon for more reviews.

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