Review for Engaging by Sarah Curtis 4*

Engaging (Alluring Book 2)
May have spoilers:

Blurb: Gage Hunter, lead singer for the rock group, Engage, made a mistake five years ago. He let the girl of his dreams get away. When an unexpected encounter brings them together again, fate is offering Gage a second chance. But will Cassie?
Cassie Wagner never expected to see Gage again. The man who shattered her dreams as well as her heart, five years ago. He’s asking for forgiveness, but he’s not the only one who needs forgiving, for she too made a mistake.
As they struggle to mend what’s broken between them, an outside force threatens Cassie, and Gage’s relentless pursuit, turns into an overwhelming desire to protect the woman he loves. Can Gage stop the danger before it destroys their second chance at happiness?
This is a full-length, steamy, contemporary romance. While Engaging can be enjoyed as a stand-alone, it is part of a series started with Alluring and contains some spoilers. **Trigger warning** This book deals with the abuse and rescue of “fighting dogs”. No dogs are killed. I am an avid animal lover and wanted to spread the word that animal cruelty is NOT okay.

Hey everyone! I’m reviewing Engaging by Sarah Curtis.This is the 2nd in the Alluring series.It has 28 chapters and the epilogue is in the last chapter.So this story is about Cassie and Gage. This is a second chance romance.We start in the prologue with Cassie and Gage falling in love, but he’s a rock star. After they fall in love and he takes her virginity, he breaks up with her to go on the road. It was 5 years before the start of this story. Chapter 1 starts at present day which is 5 years after they last seen each other. Cassie and Gage happen to run into each other again. She leaves and he’s heartbroken, he loves her and 5 years ago, he tried to go back to her to tell her he loved her and she was gone and her phone didn’t work. Now that he’s seen her, he wants her back. He’s not going to let her get away from him again, but she’s got a huge secret. She has a son that belongs to Gage and he doesn’t know about him.There is a lot of push/pull cause she’s scared of getting hurt but she’s also scared of him not being able to forgive once he knows about Logan. He does forgive quickly and he’s still all in where she is concerned. She does go on a date, but Gage kind of screwed that up anyways and she wasn’t really into it, cause regardless of what she says out loud, she loves Gage. She’s been celibate all this time and surprise, surprise, he has not. It’s funny that she decides they can have a friends with benefits deal, but we know he’s not going to stop there. There is a lot of pushing away on her end, he grovels a lot for his mistake leaving her and you can definitely feel how sorry he is and how much he loves her. He does everything in his power to make up for it. I think she definitely makes him work for it, but when she finally goes all in it’s pretty great. I love that her and Logan made Gage’s first Gathers’ day a very special one. There is the whole issue with the dogs and fighting rings and trying to find them. She does put herself in danger a couple of times. There was a slight ow blip when his last hook up calls and she answers the phone and is told that she’s his girlfriend, but it’s all cleared up pretty quickly. She meets Gage’s family and it doesn’t start off well, but they work things out pretty quickly because Gage is quick to defend her. I absolutely loved them together. Once he sees her again he is all in, there are no others. Such a great read. I loved it. I gave it 4 ****. Check back soon for more reviews. Bookshelves: epilogue-kids, epilogue-married, faithful-after-meeting-again, fast-read, hea, hfn, long-separation, love-how-he-loves-her, no-cheating-between-mcs, no-sex-scenes-with-ow-om, o-t-t-alpha, over-200-pages, ow-drama, push-pull, read, reread, safe-for-me, steamy, virgin-heroine

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