Review for His Big Mountain Axe By Madison Faye

 His Big Mountain Axe (Blackthorn Mountain Men Book 4)

Blurb:Beard? Check. Alpha as hell? Check. Huge, hard lumber? Very check.
The biggest outlaw on the mountain has his sights on one woman, and he’s carrying a very big axe…
Beast. Monster. Outlaw. I’ve been called a lot of things, but let me promise you, a knight in shining armor ain’t f*ckin’ one of them.
But when the man I’m supposed to kill lays a hand on her – the firecracker cocktail waitress with the soft lips and the sweet curves that make my pine tree grow – there’s no way I’m not stepping in.
Beautiful, blonde, tempting as hell. She’s got a body that was made for me to claim, and legs that were born to spread around my bike. Or my waist.
But I’m a man with a mission – a blood vendetta that has to be paid. Mixing it up with Larkin is a bad idea at best. At worst, it might get us killed. But once I feel that sweet little body of hers pressed against mine with my chopper rumbling between her legs, I know there ain’t a chance in hell I’m letting her go.
I’m not here to save her. I’m here to take her – over my bike and across my bed.
Pretty little Larkin is about to get a taste of how a real man claims his woman.
Because up on my mountain, I carry a big axe.
…And I know how to use it.
Now didn’t I promise you that Axe was getting a book? 😉 Get ready for Blackthorn Mountain’s biggest, baddest, most growly alpha hero and the sassy heroine he’s laid his eyes on. So light a fire, find a cozy cabin, and get ready for one truly panty-melting, bodice-ripping ride. As with all my books, this one is safe, with no cheating, and a HEA guaranteed.

This is the 4th in the Blackthorn Mountain Men series.Each can be read in any order and each is a standalone. It has 13 chapters an epilogue. This story is about Larkin and Axe. We meet Larkin who works in a strip club to pay bills. Her and Axe are very into each other from the very beginning. He’s been celibate for 4 years and I believe she is a virgin. We see that he’s there to get revenge on the man who killed his MC brothers. But that changes when that man touches Larkin. So he has to take Larkin with him so she’s safe and he wants to keep her.I love the men who are all like “mine, mine, mine”. Everything moves super fast. They are both gone for the other. Lots of hot sex. He tells her about his past which is a big thing for him as he doesn’t talk to anyone about it. They were attacked and someone takes her and he is pissed,but no worries though, he saves her. I loved them together. They are awesome. Such a great read. Epilogue has them married and talking about kids.Definitely worth a read. I did give it 4****. Hope you check it out.

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