Review for The Champ By Jordan Silver

The Champ: Bad Boys Book 5

May be spoilers:

Blurb: Wyatt Hunter is the reigning UFC champ home for the holidays, fresh from the circuit and all he wants to do is unwind between the thighs of some hot young thing who knows the rules. He wasn’t looking for her, didn’t even know she was out there; until he walked into a smoky bar on a cold winter’s night and saw the world’s greatest ass from across the room.
Everything changed for him that night, within a split second the hardcore bad boy who was only looking for a good time, was hooked.
Traci Starr is a budding law student with nothing more on her mind than passing the bar and going back to her little hometown in Nebraska. Out on a dare from her friends, who thought she needed to unwind, after fending off the unwanted advances of an admirer for the past few months, she’s out of her element when the hotshot overly masculine, and extremely handsome Wyatt sets his sights on her. She fights him all the way, but she’s no match for The Champ.

Hey everyone, I’m reviewing The Champ by Jordan Silver. it’s the 5th in the Bad Boys series.It has 13 chapters and an epilogue. It’s about Wyatt and Traci. They meet when they both go to the bar and as soon as he sees her he’s all in, he hasn’t even seen her face yet, just her ass, and he’s done for. Instalove/instalust to the max. She goes on the dance floor and he falls even more. He gets a little ticked that everyone is seeing what he is and a man goes to touch her, but he gets there and stakes his claim. She feels a connection also, even though he scares her a little with the fighting. They both fall quickly. Everything moves super fast. He does knock out one of the guys who was trying to touch her and then they work on getting to know each other until her past in the form of her stalker shows up. He’s pissed for a minute thinking he’s a homewrecker, but once he realizes what’s going on and she tells him about the one night she went on a date with the guy, he has his brothers get her out and he teaches the guy a lesson. She worries about trusting him and losing her heart. She thinks she’s not good enough, but he definitely thinks she is. He tells his mom about her and is taking her to meet the family. I love that they all accept her 100% ,no hesitation whatsoever. I love that he tells her how he feels and what he wants from her. She’s hesitant, and scared, but she wants him just as much. After visiting with his family he takes her home, but her stalker left a picture that was taking of her in her sleep so he takes her with him along with the answering machine full of crazy messages from this guy. I love how Wyatt is with her.She’s a virgin and there is some hot sex rough sex, with a little choking. There is a punishment scene with spanking. She’s out with his mom at a seminar and when it is over, she’s stuck with a needle and knocked out. Syatt is pissed that the stalker is still after her and the police haven’t done anything. Wyatt continues to search for him. He finds out that he might have raped women and he has a family member that did rape a teenager. It’s not descriptive, just a sentence or two. They do get married right away and you can definitely feel how much he loves her. Ge does get his justice for her. This was a great read. I loved it. No separations, no cheating. I loved them together. Epilogue is 4 ½ years out. They are very happily married, the only separations are distance when he is traveling.They have 3 boys and a girl. Great read by one of my favorite authors. I gave it 4 stars. Hope you check it out. Check back soon for more reviews. Thanks for reading.

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