Review for Their Salvation By May Gordon

 Their Salvation (Bosses In Love Book 1)

May be spoilers:

Blurb: Diana Hemway has spent the last five years recovering from the horrific attack that made her a mother and being disowned by her family. She’s done everything in her power to give her son a life filled with love like he deserves, and only wishes she could have the same. She hopes her new job at Thorne Inc. will provide more stability and opportunities that could benefit her and Eli. What she didn’t plan for was Pierce.

Pierce Thorne is as antisocial as they come. A workaholic who allows no one in his life, and he’s completely satisfied with that. Until he meets Diana and Eli and realizes how lonely and miserable he was without them.

In each other, they find something they’ve both been longing for. Their Salvation.

But their relationship is tested when a theft inside Thorne Inc. brings forth old enemies, Diana’s disgruntled family, and secrets. Will they be strong enough to weather the storm bearing down on them?

This book is a sweet, sexy, and safe read with a happily ever after guaranteed

This book touches on topics that could be triggers for some readers. The main character is a rape victim. No details are written on the topic.

Hey everyone, I’m reviewing Their Salvation by May Gordon.It has 15 chapters and 2 epilogues.This story is about Diana and Pierce. In the prologue, we see that Diana was raped and she got pregnant and had a son. It’s not descriptive, but I do like to warn others. So she works hard and she’s just hired on for a new job and finds out someone is stealing, so she meets Pierce when she takes it to him.

Pierce has never had a family as he was an orphan. So when they meet, wow, the sparks fly.They are both very into each other. She finds out someone has been stealing for quite awhile. He is pissed that his accounting department didn’t catch this and finds it funny that she’s only been there for a day and she’s found it.

He’s been celibate for over 10 years. I love that he had no hesitation when he found out about Eli. He’s all in from first look,and that goes for the both of them. So we meet Diana’s father, and let me say he was an ass. But he is Pierce’s biggest business rival. Her parents treat her like crap and think she’s tarnished because she was raped and didn’t have an abortion. Pierce lets them have it and always takes up for her.She finally tells him about being raped and he handled it very nicely. There is a little steam, but not much. We find out who is stealing from Pierce after Eli is kidnapped. Everything gets taken care of. Pierce adopts Eli. It’s a great story. Very little steam. No separation after they get together. It’s a pretty quick story. Epilogue is 5 years out and they are married with kids. I gave it 4****. Hope you check back soon for more reviews.

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