Review for Until July By Aurora Rose Reynolds

 Until July (Until Her Book 1)

May be spoilers:

Blurb: Wes Silver wasn’t looking for love, but when July Mayson literally knocks him on his ass during their first encounter, his world is turned upside down by the quirky blonde, and every moment with her makes him more determined to protect her.

July Mayson doesn’t understand the pull she feels toward the bad boy biker Wes Silver, but she knows being with him is like nothing she’s ever felt before. Now all she has to do is tell her overprotective father, Asher Mayson, that she’s found her boom.

Hey everyone, I’m reviewing Until July by Aurora Rose Reynolds. It’s the first in the Until Her series. This series needs to be read after the Until series.This story is about July and Wes. Their first meeting was a mess, but funny and talk about instalove for July. He’s her boom. July is a vet and she’s been having problems with someone dropping off dogs that have been fighting and she’s heartbroken cause some she has to put down. It takes a couple weeks for her to see Wes again. He comes to the vet to adopt a dog.He’s very alpha and very possessive.I just love him. Their first date was a wash as he went into work mode and completely neglected July until she left, but then he showed up at her door later and wouldn’t let her tell him no. Yes he makes an ass out of himself by thinking she hooked up with Jax after he left, but he does apologize. There’s slight ow blip when a club girl puts her hands on him and kisses his neck and says she’s okay sharing him with July, didn’t last long. So there is the story line of the dogs, but other than that, they are just getting to know each other. There is slight drama as she was supposed to talk to her dad about Wes, and he finds out when Nico shows up that she hasn’t done it and he’s hurt and leaves, which pretty much destroys her. It was a good scene though. They of course make up that same night. They are pretty great together. She gets kidnapped and that’s where she meets Ellie, and will see more of her story in Until Jax. The kidnapper does tell her what he’s going to do to her, which is rape, but it doesn’t ever get that far. I love this series and this author. Epilogue is 6 years out and they are married with kids. Great read. I gave it 5*****So, hope you check it out. Check back soon for more reviews. Thanks for reading!

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