My Review for A Purrfect Gift of Fate by Kasey Belle

 A Purrfect Gift of Fate: A Howls Romance (The Shifters of Sanctuary Book 4)

May be spoilers!

Blurb: Danika Paulson thought she’d found her fairy tale. She thought wrong. Her marriage ended up being a living a nightmare with no chance of escape. Until, a stranger knocked on her door and offered her sanctuary. Danika gained her freedom and a new start of herself and her son, Jack. She vowed to never tie herself to another man, again. It wasn’t worth the risk. Racine Kingston has her rethinking her stance on relationships. Could he really be as perfect as he seemed?

Racine Kingston knows loss and loneliness. Not much he can do about the loss but finding a mate would cure his loneliness. However, after a lifetime of searching for the one woman meant for him, he figured the chances of finding her are slim. Not every shifter is blessed with a gift of fate. When he heard about the veterinarian position at Black River Clinic through the shifter gossip grapevine, Race jumped at the chance to leave L.A. for quieter pastures for himself and his best girl, Nala. He never imagined all he needed was a change of scenery in order to find his mate.

Race fears for Danika and Jack’s safety, when her old life returns to Sanctuary. When it tries to reclaim her, it’s up to Race and the Shifters of Sanctuary to save one of their own.

Hey Everyone! I’m reviewing A Purrfect Gift of Fate by Kasey Belle. It’s a Howls Romance and the 4th in the Shifters of Sanctuary series. It has 17 chapters and 2 epilogues. This story is about Danika and Racine. He’s a lion shifter and she’s human. We actually met Danika and Jack in book 3. So even though each can be read as a standalone, I do recommend reading them in order. I do want to say that I love a series where we see the other characters throughout.

The prologue is sad. We see Racine lose his Zeus.  Danika starts as the receptionist at the clinic while Beth is on maternity leave. She’s left an abusive marriage and she’s still dealing with PTSD, but she isn’t the only one, Jack is too, poor boy.  Race has just been hired on as the vet and Ella tells him about Danika only so he doesn’t trigger her. As soon as he walks in the office, he knows he’s found his mate. She’s skittish of course, but he knows he’ll need to go slow. He’s pissed that she’s been hurt.

I love how he’s all in from the beginning with Jack as well as Danika. I love the Lion’s bantering back and forth with Race, it’s so funny. The girls work on trying to get Danika to loosen up and go after Race. She’s scared but that’s okay cause Race wants her and isn’t letting her get too far. Their first date was so sweet. I just love Race. He’s  so patient with her.

Her ex is out of jail and no one told her he was getting out and he’s been out for a week. So she freaks for a minute, but Race is right with her. He has them stay with him so that they are protected. Ella tells him that he should tell her she’s his mate and that he’s a shifter, but of course he doesn’t and she finds out about the shifter part while they are making out, and she doesn’t take it very well.

She does allow him to explain and I love that he’s so patient. She finally knows everything and gets to meet the Lion. I love that she was open to everything. They are able to mate, which was sweet. Little steamy parts,  it’s short, but still good.

Her ex does take her and the others are after her. John is pissed that she’s given herself to Race. He does hit her a few times and kisses her. She’s rescued and gets her own back. I liked it, but didn’t love it. Epilogue has them getting married. Good read. I gave it 4*. Thanks for reading.

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