My Review for Judge by Alexa Riley 4*


May be spoilers:

Blurb: Nora Vaughn is living on the streets and trying to keep under the radar. Luck is on her side one day when the hot stranger she’s been watching drops his keycard and she’s able to get into a safe place. What she doesn’t expect is for him to find her naked in the shower and demanding she repay what she’s stolen.

Smith Prescott is a well-known judge who has worked his entire life to build a reputation. But one look at the young woman in front of him and he’s willing to throw it all away to have her. She’s forcing his hand and his iron will to do the things he’s sworn against. But what’s the point of having all this power if he can’t use it to have her?

Warning: This is quick and dirty and dripping with filth. If you love our books Coach, Mechanic, Thief, and Kingpin, then this one will give you all the feels you’re after. Enjoy some quality time in the judge’s chambers.

This story is about Nora and Smith. It has 10 chapters and 2 epilogues. We first meet Nora when she’s practically a prisoner at her uncle’s. You can tell that the uncle wants her, which is creepy. She knows she had to get away.

She’s been watching Smith and when he drops his key card, she starts using it and he catches her coming out of the shower. She knows he’s going to turn her in so she does try to run, but he stops her.

This is a very hot story. They both want the other. He tries to not give in, but it doesn’t last very long. She’s a virgin. He does act like an ass for a little bit. But then he decides to go all in. She sees her uncle for a split second and he wants to take her home, but Smith won’t allow it.

The police show up and she has to go answer questions. He doesn’t want to let her go. They are bad cops and take her to her uncle who tells her a little bit about her mother and he is just nuts. Smith saves her of course. Everything moves super fast. It was a hot story, even though there wasn’t very many sex scenes. I loved it. It was short and to the point. Great read. Little daddy talk at the end, but not much. Epilogue is 4 months out then 6 years out. They are married with twin boys and working on getting pregnant. 4 stars for me. I really loved it. Definitely kept my attention and no skimming. Thanks for reading.

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