My Review for Catching Her Wolf by Kasey Belle

Catching Her Wolf: A Howls Romance (The Shifters of Sanctuary Book 5)

Blurb: Not everyone is Sanctuary is living their fated happily ever after. Not yet anyway

Devon Stone joined the Marines at eighteen leaving behind his pack and too young mate to fulfill his dream. Once his service to his country was up, he fully intended to return to Sanctuary and claim Janelle. Now, it’s too late. Broken both inside and out, he’s no longer the boy she remembers. She wouldn’t want this new version of him. Angry. Jaded. Scarred.

Janelle “Janie” Harper has a reputation for being a flirt. Many assume she followed up her words with actions. They were wrong. Her heart has and always would belong to one wolf. She’s waited years for Devon to return home and claim her as he promised. Only that didn’t happen. Instead, he’s hidden himself away on his cousin Koda’s land and avoided her at all costs. She should move on, but how does one give up on the other half of their soul?

Devon and Janie have kept the fact that they are mates hidden from their families for years. When their connection is discovered, the Shifters of Sanctuary plot to bring the fated couple together by any means necessary.

Hey everyone. This is book 5 in the Shifters of Sanctuary series and is part of Howls Romance. This has 16 chapters and an epilogue. It’s about Devon and Janie. Devon is a wolf shifter and we see in the prologue why he is the way he is. He was injured pretty bad in Afghanistan.

I do want to say that I love how the characters from the other stories show up in each one, so I definitely recommend reading in order. Chapter 1 starts a few months after getting hurt. Koda is letting him stay at the sanctuary to heal.

We see that he already knows his mate and has known for 10 years as they used to be together before he started keeping his distance. He doesn’t want her to have to deal with him. We meet Janie, and she admits to being a flirt but that’s all she is. She promised him she would wait for him, even with it being many years later, he is all she wants. Neither are with others just so you know. I love that too. She’s hurt that he cut off all contact with her. No one knows that they are mates.

She loves him so much. When the girls find out, we get to see a little of their history. The girls hatch a plan to make him come to his senses. He doesn’t see she’s hurting too. Matt helps to make Devon jealous and it does work.

We get to see Koda becoming the official alpha of the pack and Nikki becoming his second. I love that the girls got the kids in on the matchmaking scheme. You can definitely feel what he feels for her. Matt is hilarious, I loved him. It does push him to make an ass of himself but you can feel both their pain.

I love that they finally talk and he tells her everything and she’s very supportive and very forgiving. I love that neither have been with others. This was a sweet read. There are not very many steamy parts, but you definitely don’t miss out on it. The story holds it’s on. Pretty great. They finally mate and it’s awesome.This was a great addition to the story. I loved it. Only slight om drama. Epilogue is just a short time later. The only negative for me was the epilogue. Wish that it would have been out a ways. I gave it 4 stars. Hope you check it out. Thanks for reading.

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