My Review for Filling Her Up by Jordan Marie & Jenika Snow

Filling Her Up (Hot-Bites)
Blurb: Cassie was never meant to come into my life. She’s way too good for a grease monkey like me. 
When her car breaks down and she’s forced to call for help, all bets are off.

The instant I see her, I know she will be mine. 
Cassie has a family emergency and needs a ride out of town. I’m not going to let her get it from anyone but me. When we find ourselves sharing a hotel room together, I know she feels the same chemistry and connection I do.

I’ll make sure she gets where she needs to go, but I’m not letting her walk away from me. 
I’m going to claim her; and when I do, it won’t be just her gas tank I fill up.

Cassie is going to have my baby.

Warning: Welcome to the latest Hot Bites Novella. Grab a fan, some sweet tea, and sit back and enjoy this quick little small-town tease. If you enjoy an over-the-top Alpha, dirty mechanic who sees his woman and doesn’t give her a chance to get away, then this book has you covered whether you’re coming or going.

Filling Her Up has 14 chapters and 2 epilogues. It’s about Cassie and Michael. Cassie’s car has broken down and her phone is dead so she’s walking to the next town when she meets Michael who stops to give her a ride.

She’s instantly taken with him. He wants her badly and knows that she’s his one, he just has to show her. He offers to take her to where she needs to go. On the way, she tells him about having to help her brother.

They get a motel room, one, because he doesn’t want her away from him. She’s a virgin and he’s been celibate for years.

This story is pretty steamy. I loved it. It was short and to the point and sometimes that’s just what I’m looking for. Great read. Epilogue is 3 months out, and he’s bought them a house, then it’s 1 year later and they are married and just finding out they are pregnant, which was a pretty sweet scene.

I absolutely loved this. Steamy parts were awesome. I gave it 5 stars. Hope you check it out. Thanks for reading.

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