My Review for The Soccer Mom’s Bad Boy By Jordan Silver

The Soccer Mom’s Bad Boy

Blurb: When Ilene Stanford’s husband left her after years of marriage for a much younger model, she just knew her romantic life was at an end. Having only known one man since high school, she was sure that at thirty-two her days as a love interest was all but over, and besides, she had a twelve year old daughter to raise. With her mind set on being an old maid, she was in no way prepared for bad boy ex-soldier Dane who came into her life literally through her bedroom window at night, and did things to her body that she didn’t even knew existed. Sure the lovemaking was off the charts good, but could she trust the craziness that he whispered in her ear in the darkness of night?

May be spoilers: This story is about Dane and Ilene. in the prologue we see that Dane hasn’t even spoken to her yet and he’s already all in. So for Ilene, we see that her husband left her for someone else 6 months ago after 18 years, so she feels like she’s not worth much.

Their first interaction is just him sniffing her, but she doesn’t know it but he’s all in with her and her daughter. Dane is pretty much a stalker, he’s just so into her and he wants her badly, but with his job, he has to be very careful.

I have to say that I love the bantering between Dane and his guys. They are funny. I love that Dane gives Alana the chance to ask questions and I love that he thinks of her as his from the very beginning.

Warning:I do want to say that this story has rough, hot sex and punishments, with choking and spankings. If you don’t like reading about that, then this story and this author is not for you.

For the 1st little bit, he does go through the window as he needs to make sure it’s safe and she doesn’t want anyone to see at first. There was slight om drama in the form of the ex and he was an ass and kept trying to mess with them. She does get a few punishments over not staying away from him, which most were not her fault, but she still got punished.

He’s pretty harsh sometimes, but I have to admit that Dane is one of my favorite characters. Not as high as Talon or Colton Lyon, but close. Her ex doesn’t want her to be happy and doesn’t want her to have better than what he has, so he wants her to leave Dane or he’s going to go after getting custody of Alana. Dane gets pissed and takes care of it. He adopts Alana and all in all I thought it was a great read. I loved it. Epilogue has them married and just having a son. I gave it 4****Thanks for reading.

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