My Review for Vampires by Esther E. Schmidt

Vampires: Death by Reaper MC 2
Blurb for Vampires by Esther E. Schmidt: Being kidnapped and unexpectedly thrust into the paranormal world she didn’t even know existed has overwhelmed Tessera. Even more, because her savior is the President of the Death by Reaper MC, Vampire Charter, who claimed her as his eternal mate

Between protecting his mate from his own wrath and trying to balance his MC duties, Jagger is fighting a battle bigger than the fight between good and evil. Finding a solution for the stack of danger that keeps growing might involve teaming up with a new enemy who is reluctant to join forces. With a threat of an apocalypse in the near future, there is no option other than to surrender to the truth more paranormal lives are needed to keep the rest of the world living.

Evil hides in the inevitable to rectify redemption. Dive into book two of Death by Reaper MC and submit to the reality crawling into the darkness might be the only good this world has to offer.

Vampires can be read as a standalone.

For a greater reading experience, recommended reading order:

Hellhounds (Death by Reaper MC, #1)

Vampires (Death by Reaper MC, #2)

May be Spoilers:

This story is about Tessara and Jagger. It has 14 chapters and an epilogue. We met both briefly in Hellhounds. Just a recap. She is Eliana’s half sister. Their father was trying to make a super supernatural by making half bloods. They are both vampires, but she was made and their law is for him to destroy her, but she is his mate and he’s not going to let that happen.

She has been with him for weeks, but she hasn’t fed, and things change when Eliana shows up to see her and as we seen in the first book, her blood drives the vamps crazy since she is a witch, and that goes doubly for Tessara since she’s new. But, Jagger won’t allow her to hurt her sister since he knows she would never forgive herself. They do bond right off the first chapter which is awesome.I love reading a book where they are together from the get go. They realize she is part Angel. Jagger explains everything to her and explains all the history which is really interesting.

She’s never been loved and never really loved anyone, so when he tells her he loves her after just mating, she doesn’t handle it well and hurts him. Caius comes in and explains everything to her and she knows she wants him, she’s just scared. They do talk and the sex is hot.

We meet 2 of her sisters. I have to say that what the Fae can do is pretty awesome.

Caius finds his mate too. He’s been celibate since he seen her in dream years ago. Tria, Tessara’s sister sees her mate too. He’s a demon. There is a lot of stuff going on in this book, but it all works. I thought it was a great story. It really kept my attention, so no skimming. So good. Couple steamy parts. I gave it 5 stars because it was that good. Hope you check it out. Thanks for reading.

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