My Review for Diary Of A Pissed Off Wife By Jordan Silver

Diary Of a Pissed Off Wife

Jane Shackelford is the proverbial housewife. Married to the number one quarterback in the country, she enjoys a life of luxury and leisure with her darling husband and their four children. But her life threatens to unravel after a series of disturbing phone calls.

What’s a girl to do? Should she roll over and play dead, or hit back?

May be Spoilers:

This has 16 chapters. It’s about Jane and Travis. They’ve already been together 20 years and married for 18 with 4 kids. She thinks everything is perfect and yes he travels a lot cause he’s a quarterback. So at the start of the story, she gets a call saying that he’s cheating. She’s hurt and pissed and she lets him have it when he walks in the door.I do want to say that there is no cheating in this story. There is some good rough, punishing sex.

She hates that she’s doubting him. The girl keeps calling and telling her more things and Jane lets her have it. Travis doesn’t want to deal with it cause he knows that he hasn’t done anything so he pretty much tells her to ignore it, but she isn’t letting it go.

This chick sends her pictures of her and Travis in innocent pics, but she is hurt and pissed especially since she knows what brand of furniture her bed is.

She is hilarious when she’s drunk and going off on him. He swears they’ve only had 3 conversations and never alone. But she doesn’t care cause the girl threatened to take her kids and she’s going after her. This story, I swear is hilarious. She is so funny. So we see that yes the girl wants Travis, but its all a setup to get another player higher on the team and Travis off. This didn’t have as much steam as most of her books, but it’s a short story, and so freaking funny. I loved it. No cheating, no separations. I gave it 5**** thanks for reading.

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