My Review for Talon’s Heart by Jordan Silver

Talon’s Heart
Blurb: Talon Avery took one look at the new girl on campus and lost his shit. The renowned lady’s man is completely out of his element as he feels the strong pull from just that one look.

All his life he’s heard the fantastical story of what he likes to call ‘the family’s curse’. The legend the men call the lightning zap. Supposedly the Avery men have some sort of enlightening experience when they meet THE ONE. But Talon’s always known that wasn’t for him, and would never be. He had too much love to give and there were too many damn women in the world to share it with. Women adore him and he’s had the conquests to prove it.

Now the hot shot star athlete finds himself in the precarious position of the one doing the chasing. Not that he plans on letting that shit go on for too long. He’s smooth and charismatic and saw no problem getting what he wants, as he always does.

There was just one problem. No one remembered to tell him that finding THE ONE would turn him into a caveman who’d forget all basic common sense. Or the fact that modern day women didn’t really go for the ‘me man you woman’ brand of dating.

It’s a fun bumpy ride as the over possessive Talon stakes his claim and tries to deal with the new jealous, obsessive man he’s become.

May be spoilers: I just finished reading this for the 6th time. I love Talon. This story is 31 chapters and and epilogue.This is definitely one of my all time favorite heroes, by one of my favorite authors.Fair warning, if you don’t like reading about a forceful alpha with lots of hot, rough sex, then this story is not for you. I love it myself. I love a story where they are together the whole way through.

This is about Talon and Skylar. At the start, they are already together and have been for a month and a half. We do get to see their beginning. We see that they fell head over heels for the other across the football field. When their eyes meet, they both felt the connection until his ex one night stand jumped in his arms and ruined the moment.

Talon, when he sees her, he’s all in 100%.

Skylar has just moved to town to get away from her boyfriend who she caught sleeping with her cousin. She’s heard about Talon and how he’s a man whore and is never with the same girl twice.

He makes no excuses for how he was before her. So he finds out everything he needs to know about her and then goes after her the next day. He stakes his claim right away. She’s his one and the men in his family have all gone through the same thing and he didn’t think it was real, until he seen Skylar. They are officially together. After the first week, they don’t sleep without the other, but he’s being patient waiting on sex just as long as she’s in his arms, which I thought was awesome.

Fast-forward 3 ½ weeks and he’s pissed. She’s at the pharmacy and he’s told she got flowers. He never thinks for one minute she’s cheating, he’s just possessive and when he finds out the ex sent them, he’s even more pissed, but not at her.

Talon’s thinking: “My once peaceful existence is anything but since I met the little pain in the ass. It’s not that she’s outright disobedient or anything, she just has a mind of her own which sometimes f*cks with my program, and that causes friction. I’m still working on getting her to toe the damn line but she’s proving to be a handful.” He’s awesome.

He freaks out over her ex sending her flowers and it’s just the excuse he needs t move her in with him, as her roommate is close to Mackenzie.

I do love the fact that he’s told her everyone that he’s slept with that is still there so it’s not thrown in her face and hurts her. The only one who really bothers her is Mackenzie.

She’s really sick and they find out she’s having an allergic reaction to someone putting mold under her bed. Talon freaks, but he takes very good care of her. He finds out that it was Mackenzie and her roommate and Talon makes Mackenzie pay.

He loves her with everything he has and there is no denying that. You can just feel it across the page. I loved this one, but I’m a huge fan of Jordan Silver. These two were amazing together. There’s just the ex that causes slight om drama, it was over pretty quickly. Talon kicked his ass. This was a great read. They get married quickly. There is lots of ow drama, just a smidge of om drama, but none causes problems in their relationship which I love. Great alpha male. Epilogue is a few months and they are having twins, a boy and a girl, then a year later and they are trying for another. Love, love, loved it. 5 stars for me. Hope you check it out. Thanks for reading.

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