My Review for Protecting His Forever By Leann Ashers

Protecting His Forever (Forever Series Book 1)



I always thought soulmates were an illusion dreamed up in fairytales until Kane. He stormed in during the scariest moment of my life, and even though he fights his own demons, he fights harder for me. Together, we have an unbreakable bond.


I’m ruthless, especially when it comes to Sydney. She has a stalker, and he’s brought company. Sydney is MINE, and I will do whatever it takes to keep her safe. But, when we’re hit with a surprise, our lives are changed forever….

May be spoilers:

I’m reviewing Protecting His Forever By Leann Ashers. It’s the first in the Forever series.It has 19 chapters and an epilogue.

So this story is about Kane and Sydney. Sydney knows of Kane from pictures her brother has sent while they were in the military. But when Kane rescues her, it’s actually the 1st time that they meet.

So starting off we see Sydney out shopping but she feels someone watching her so she decides to leave, but he follows and as she calls her brother Ethan to tell him what’s happening, the guy attacks her.She gets loose and runs right into Kane while the guy is still following her trying to get her. So Kane beats the crap out of him before Sydney can get him to stop.

I do believe that even with everything else going on around them, that they both fell at 1st sight. They both are pretty into each other. I was a little confused though that he had stayed with her at the hospital, but then doesn’t see her for a month after that. It never does explain why it took so long.

There was a little talk of rape as the man who attacked her is up on charges of rape of someone else. Also, we see Braelyn shows up for help. She’s one of Sydney’s best friends and we learn that she was raped and the guy has found her again. She does have her own book called Loving His Forever.

So after Braelyn tells Sydney everything, she calls Ethan since he’s a cop. When Ethan shows up, Kane does too. Kane is such an alpha male and make no mistake,Sydney is his.

I love how close they are even though it’s new between them. They each tell each other about their mothers and their childhood, which I thought was really sweet.

Sydney and Braelyn go out to the club one night and Braelyn’s rapist is there and says he’s not leaving without her, but thankfully Sydney had her taser and they hide till Ethan and Kane show up.

Kane is one of my favorite heroes. We see everyone at Sydney’s mom Evelyn’s as they are celebrating her birthday and Ethan brought over their sergeant. It’s kind of instalove all around. Evelyn and the sergeant Dave have their own book called Breaking Free.

We see that Sydney and Ethan’s father have found them, and he is creepy and evil. We find out that he kidnapped Evelyn and kept her for 4 years and she had Ethan and Sydney.

He hated Sydney for some reason which is why Evelyn ran with them. I think every one of them is hurting after Evelyn’s revelations.

I think my favorite part of the story is when they confess their love for each other. It was so sweet, I loved it.

We meet Arabella, and it’s awesome how they all just clicked together. This part kind of reminded me of Shaylin, Butcher and their young one from Butcher in the Devil Souls MC series.

Still a great storyline and great writing. I love Leann Asher’s characters, they just really click together.

They take Carter in too to make a family with twins on the way. The scene with carter and the cat was hilarious. I would definitely recommend not reading this around others as you’ll have people looking at you like you are crazy.

They are a happy family until she sneaks off and is kidnapped. She is hurt, but it doesn’t last long before Kane is there to save her.

Great read. I loved it. No separations. Epilogue is 15 years out and they are happily married with kids. I gave it 5*****.  It’s a great story, hope you check it out, also check out her other stories. Thanks for reading.

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