My Review for Burkhart by Alexi Ferreira

BURKHART: Elemental’s MC (book 8)


After what happened to my sister I won’t let anyone hurt my woman, they will have to go through me to get to her. She thinks that she has an option, but the minute I touch her both our lives are entwined. She can fight me but in the end she will be mine. She challenges me at every corner, if she knew me she would know that I never lose a challenge.


He’s hot headed and domineering, he thinks that he can tell me what to do but I will show him that he doesn’t boss me around. I’ve been on the run for way too long, and have learned how not to trust easily. If he wants me like he says he does then he will have to show me that I’m not just a woman to protect, but an equal to love.

This is the eighth book in the Elementals MC Series, this story contains all the panty-melting sexiness and alpha goodness, with HEA and no cliffhangers. Intended for mature readers.

May be spoilers: I’m a huge fan of this author and this is one of my favorite series. This has 20 chapters and is about Saskia and Burkhart. I do recommend reading this series in order. The underlying story dealing with the Keres continues from book 1 and they are all worth a read.Plus, all the characters continue in each book and you’ll definitely be missing parts of the story if you skip.

We start off with the women trying to help Burkhart find his mate. He’s been looking for her for 5 months but all he has is a first name, so he’s pretty frustrated. He hasn’t wanted to find his mate cause his sister was raped and killed,but now that he feels her, he’s not letting her go.

Saskia can feel everything’s energy which is pretty neat gift. We see that her and some of the other women with gifts have escaped from the Keres and they seen and heard women being raped, but they were not. They do rescue her and the other women.

When he sees her, he knows she’s his. She feels a connection, but she fights it for a little bit, even though they bond right away. He does get pissed when she tells him she has to go to see her boyfriend. So, yeah, there is cheating. She’s been in a relationship 7 years and living with Paul for a year. She hasn’t seen him or spoken with him in 4 months, but still. Wasn’t a fan of that.

I love that we get to see everyone from past books and I love that all the women are always accepting to the new mates.It’s pretty amazing what the Elementals and their mates can do.

There are some hot sex scenes and he’s so good with her.

I love this series. This story was pretty great also. I don’t rate for editing, but it does have issues, but it’s a great read regardless. Definitely a great addition to the storyline. They are still dealing with the Keres and it will continue in the next book. Such a great read. I loved it. 4* for me. Thanks for reading.

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