My Review for Hungry for More by Alexa Riley

Hungry For More


Blurb: Sage Carter has spent her whole life surrounded by her family that treats her like a child. When she finally decides to live life on her own, it’s still under the shelter of her brother’s apartment. But the day before Thanksgiving, his business partner comes to visit and just so happens to find her in the kitchen…in her underwear. Can she make it through the holiday without dying of embarrassment? Or will the incident be the spark that lights the fire from within?

Jensen Powell has done things in his own way on his own timeline. When he’s forced to go home with his business partner for Thanksgiving, he doesn’t expect to find a curvy bombshell waiting for him. One look and she belongs to him, if only she’ll give in. He hasn’t had a reason to be thankful until now, and he’s making the most of it.

Warning: This Turkey Day romance is stuffed full of all your favorites. It’s warm and sweet with all the guilty pleasures you’re after. Go ahead and get second helpings. Nobody is looking.

May be spoilers:

This story has 10 chapters and 2 epilogues. It’s about Sage and Jensen. Sage is a sweet girl living with her brother. Her family is very protective of her since she was attacked when she was younger.

Jensen is her brother’s partner. She’s seen a picture of him and she’s already crushing over him before she’s even met him in person. It’s definitely instalove when he meets her. He knows she’s his. Everything moves super fast.

Just a smidge of ow in the form of the waitress who was very flirty, but he was all about Sage, so it was over quickly. Not sure why that was even in there to be honest.

She’s a virgin and he knows, so he tries to go slow. There were a few steamy scenes which I loved.

The brother had a slight problem with them together, but it was over quickly, just a couple of sentences. I loved this. Just short and to the point.

There are 2 epilogues: 2 months- they are married and she just found out she’s pregnant. 5 years- they have a set of twin girls. Definitely great and worth a read. 4 stars for me. Thanks for reading.

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