My review for Peacock by Esther E. Schmidt


Peacock (The Faults Of Our Sins)

Blurb: Going in blind is a rookie mistake. With my years of experience, you would think I should know better by now. I’m always the capable one that can handle anything that’s thrown my way, until Karma throws me off my game.

My Karma comes in the form of a woman and she has to be payback for all the shitty things I’ve done in my life. Not just any woman but one who is determined to self-destruct. This woman is clearly going to be my downfall. Leaving me to find myself not only losing my heart, but risking my life in the process.

There’s no other option than to claw our way through dilemmas that might leave the both of us wondering if our next breath could be our last. We relish in the fact that we’ve got nothing to lose, because let’s face it… The faults of our sins will catch up with us in the end.

**This steamy, dark and twisted, standalone romance is not for the faint of heart. You’ve been warned.**

May be spoilers:

Peacock has 16 chapters and an epilogue. It’s about Peacock and Karma. It starts off with a bang. Karma is being held by Peacock cause he’s agreed to marry her. This is a dark romance, but it’s funny as hell too.

Karma is awesome. If you don’t like reading about violence, this is so not for you. I loved it. We meet Unique who Marlon is all in for. We’ll see them in their own book which comes out soon. Peacock finds out exactly who Karma is and wonders if she’s there just to kill him, when we know they both are connected to the other. He’s pissed cause everyone seems to know who she is but him. So he is an ass for a little while, but he wants her badly.

We find out she was raped while she was drugged, so it’s one of her triggers, and I always like to mention it, cause some people don’t like to read books with rape in them. This is a very hard read, but very, very good. They go through a lot to be together, with them thinking she’s still under her uncle’s control. She’s locked in a room for a few days until she tells them everything.

It was gruesome and I loved it. Hot sex scenes, spanking thrown in. Absolutely loved this story and can’t wait for Marlon’s story which comes out December 4th,2018. Epilogue is just 4 weeks later, and they are getting married and are pregnant, and there is a set up for Marlon’s story. Loved it. I gave it 5 stars cause the writing was just awesome. I never post about the cover, but I love the colors on this. Beautiful cover.  Hope you check it out. Thanks for reading my review.

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