My review for Crane by Esther E. Schmidt


Blurb: Faya – My eyes close and I brace for the pain. Except it doesn’t come. It always comes. Wait for it my mind tells me, making me brace some more. I hate waiting for it, when that happens it’s always so much worse.

Crane – The job was to prevent her from testifying. I’ve already been paid because my ass isn’t moving before the cash is in place.

That’s right, I have a spotless reputation. A hitman who gets the job done. Any job, any time. Once I’ve given my word, and the cash is exchanged, it’s a done deal. No matter the consequences or obstacles, I will get it done. Something that the woman strapped to my back will find out firsthand.

**Books in the Lost Valkyries MC series will each be a standalone, short story romance. Every book is passion to love at warp speed. Grip your heart because it’s going to be a fast ride…so be warned!**

May be spoilers:

Crane is a quick story from one of my favorite authors. It’s book 1 of the Lost Valkyries MC series. It has 10 chapters and an epilogue. This is about Crane, who’s a hitman and Faya, who’s his job.

It starts off fast and gets even faster. He’s after her to keep her quiet. When he has her, he realizes she’s his and he’s not letting her go. He claims her right off the bad. There is some hot, rough sex scenes with spanking. If you don’t like reading that, you should skip this one.

I thought this was a pretty great read. No pushing away whatsoever, which I love. Definitely worth a read. Epilogue is 6 months out and they are pregnant. Will probably see them in the next story too. I gave it 5 stars, I love the rough sex, what can I say? Thanks for reading. Hope you check it out. You can get it here: Crane: Lost Valkyries MC

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