My review for Paris by Esther E. Schmidt


Blurb: ***Previously published in the “From Paris With Love” Around the World With Love Anthology Series***

Lyra – He just threatened to kill my own father in an effort to show how much I mean to him. The man I just met. The man who stands up for me without fear of anyone.

Paris – There’s only one who carries the promise to expel your darkest fear. One they hire to deal with an enemy they can’t face alone. That one? That’s me.

Paris might relate to the city of love, but for Lyra it’s also the name of the biker that claimed her, as well as her heart. Coincidence brought them together, but will love at first sight be enough to withstand the danger and consequences they have to face?

**Books in the Lost Valkyries MC series will each be a standalone, short story romance. Every book is passion to love at warp speed. Grip your heart because it’s going to be a fast ride…so be warned!**

May be spoilers:

Paris is book 4 of the Lost Valkyries MC series. It has 10 chapters and an epilogue and is about Paris and Lyra. They meet while both their friends are in the bathroom having sex. They are both taken with the other.

Lyra kicks ass when some guys show up to take on Paris, I thought it was pretty good. Then we find out she’s a mafia princess so of course she knows how to take care of herself.

Paris claims her right off the bat. I’m glad there is no pushing away by either of them. I love when they are together from the first. They marry 2 weeks after meeting, which is quick, but great.

There’s slight drama with her father not being happy she’s with Paris, but that’s pretty much the only drama. I absolutely loved it. Hot sex scenes,with a little spanking, great writing.

Epilogue is 9 years out, they are happily married with 2 girls and a boy. Great read. Paris is one of my favorite heroes. I gave it 5 stars. Thanks for reading. Hope you check it out. You can get it here: Paris: Lost Valkyries MC

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