My review for Brandr by Alexi Ferreira



They forced her on me, I thought I didn’t want a woman to call my own but she is now the light that guides me. She was tortured, nearly killed all because of me. I will go to the ends of the earth to make them pay, they will know never to mess with the Elemental’s MC again.


My life changed from one day to another now he is the only one that calms my mind. I know I’m still in danger but Brandr and the MC will protect me.

BRANDR is a steamy possessive, bad boy alpha male romance with guaranteed HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger! This book is the third book in the Elemental’s MC series

May be spoilers:

This is book 3 in the Elementals MC series. I highly recommend reading from the beginning as the underlying story moves from book one all the way through, plus, it’s just a great series to read. This story is 21 chapters and is about Brandr and Aria.

So, before even starting this one we know Brandr was shot with Aria’s blood and started the bonding as she is his mate. We also know that he hasn’t really wanted to ever bond with his mate because he watched his brother lose his mate and his mind and then Brandr had to put him down as mates can’t be without the other.

This starts with Aria still captured. I do want to say it’s very descriptive about her injuries and some parts are hard to read, but it’s a great addition to the storyline.

Some are gag worthy, and heartbreaking, but you don’t need to skip, because you need to know exactly what she’s gone through. She’s been beaten and hurt so bad that it’s hard for her to move.

We know that she’s Brandr’s mate and he’s an Elemental. Aria can hear people’s thoughts. Brandr and the MC search for her. I love that we see characters from all the books. We see that Jas and Gabriele help locate Aria with their gifts.

When Brandr finds her, he thinks she’s dead and he loses it for a minute. Aria, she doesn’t know him, but as soon as she hears his voice, she calms. She only feels safe around him.

She can’t speak for awhile because she has lacerations down her throat.

Brandr tells her all about the Elementals and she was very receptive to everything. She’s shocked that she can’t hear any of the guys, which she’s very happy about. He explains how she’s his mate which is why she feels so connected to him, she just worries that she won’t be what he needs.

It’s a month before they have sex and finish the bonding. She was a virgin and I love that he went slow with her, which is what she needed. She finally tells Brandr about the guy forcing himself down her throat. She was worried he wouldn’t want her after he found out. Brandr is pissed and realizes they have the guy locked up, so he gives him what he deserves over and over.

There is slight ow drama a couple of times in the form of one of the Jezebels who has been with him and still wants him. Aria hears her thoughts and is hurt thinking he’s only with her because he has to be. Jasmine explains things and it makes it a little easier. Brandr explains what happened with his brother so she understands how he was feeling.

Jas goes into labor while the guys are gone and Ceric is hilarious. She meets Brandr’s parents, and they are a little on the awful side.

We do get to meet Alexei and Vlad who are in the Bratva Fury series. Just so you know, that series is starting out great.

The second time Lidia, one of the Jezebel’s, messes with Aria, they decide to kick her out. The guys are all pissed as women and children are special to them.

There is lots of hot, sexy goodness. The naming ceremony for Jas and Wulf’s baby was pretty sweet. I loved it.

All in all, this was another great addition to the storyline. I loved this.  Love a story when they are together through the whole book. No games, little to no drama in the relationship.Such a great read. 5 stars. Thanks for reading. Hope you check it out. You can get it here: BRANDR: Elemental’s MC (book 3)

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