My review for Hellhounds by Esther E. Schmidt


Blurb: In the last year, Eliana has been aware of the paranormal world that merges with the humans. Knowing it and living in it are two very different things when your next breath could end up being your last.

Alastair, Hellhound shifter and President of the Death by Reaper MC Hell Charter, is unexpectedly confronted with his true mate. As the balance of good and evil is shifted, a battle is the only solution. One where family ties are unwillingly being pulled into the mix and a simple choice of sides might end up in losing the woman he just claimed as his. A Hellhound has an eternal vow to never walk out on the losing side. Even more so when he’s had a slice of heaven.

Evil hides in the inevitable to rectify redemption. Dive into book one of Death by Reaper MC and submit to the sentimental truth that crawling into the darkness might be the only good this world has to offer.

May be spoilers:

Hellhounds is the 1st in the Death by Reaper MC series. It has 18 chapters and an epilogue. It’s about Alastair, who’s is a Hellhound shifter and president of the MC and Eliana who’s part guardian and part human.

They meet when Alastair and his VP Os are tasked into reaping one of the two souls in the alley. Most humans can’t see them, but Eliana is his true mate, so she can. They both feel the connection and he claims her right away. He has to put her to sleep cause he took some of her blood, but he hasn’t finished claiming her and she’s vulnerable.

Everything moves at superspeed. I love a book that keeps a smile on my face while reading. He’s part of the Hell’s Charter, and her half-sister and father are part of the Heaven’s Charter. It’s pretty great that Os finds his true mate in Eliana’s sister Velma. The girls worry it’s going to cause problems because Velma has been promised to the VP of the Heaven’s charter. She doesn’t want that as he screws everything. Os is awesome to her.

They find out the girls have some half-sisters out there because their father is making half bloods. It looks like there is a set of twins with a little fae mixed in and one that is part vampire. There is one more, but we don’t find out anything about her yet. The whole storyline with the charters was pretty good. The Hell’s Charter has to clean up the Heaven’s Charter as the president and some of the members have turned from what they are supposed to do.

There are some hot, rough sex scenes, little spanking thrown in. Eliana was a virgin. Their first time was pretty hot, “supernova” hot. It was a pretty great story. I loved it. Writing was great as always.  Epilogue is 12 years out, they are married with a boy and a girl, and are pregnant and Os and Velma have 3 sets of twins. I gave it 5 stars. Thanks for reading. Hope you check it out. You can get it here: Hellhounds: Death by Reaper MC 1

Jagger and Tessara’s book is next called Vampires and it is already out. You can get it here: Vampires: Death by Reaper MC 2

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