My review for Tormented By Alexi Ferreira


Blurb: JADE

I was minding my own business, simply working until Alexey the boss for the Bratva Mafia decided to take me.

Having run away from a violent man before, I made a promise to myself this wouldn’t happen again, but he doesn’t give me a choice. I’m thrown into a world of violence, but this man of such vengeance almost hatred towards some can offer such love and safety when in his arms, something I have never experienced before.


There’s a war looming, hanging overhead like a dark cloud. This is the worst time to allow somebody into my life, but when i laid eyes on Jade all logic and rational thought left me. I will protect her even if from herself, whoever comes for me is one thing, but to harm her will mean certain death, even if it kills me trying. She is my everything, my reason to live and if fate wants it, my reason to die.

This is the first book in the Bratva Fury Series, this story contains sexiness and alpha goodness. Can be read as a standalone romance novel, with HEA and no cliffhangers. Intended for mature readers.

May be spoilers:

I received an arc for an honest review. I’m a huge fan of her Elementals MC series so I thought why not? This is the first in the new Bratva Fury series. It is a mafia story. I know this is a standalone story, but I really think it would be better if you read the Elementals MC series first as the story talks about them a little. You don’t have to to understand the story, but I just think that it would be better and I’m a fan, as I’ve read the Elementals MC series repeatedly.

Tormented has 21 chapters. It’s about Jade and Alexey. They meet at the cafe where she works and she saves his life. I think they both feel a connection at first sight, she’s just scared at first because of the violence.

Poor girl’s been hurt by her father and her mother is in the hospital because of him when the story starts. Alexey has found out all about everything and is working on taking care of things, cause he wants Jade and wants her to be happy. He’s a pretty awesome hero.

Neither were virgins, but I’m glad he went slow with her. There’s some hot sex scenes.

There is slight ow drama, but it doesn’t really last very long. There is a brief mention of someone raping girls off page. Then the friend was beaten and raped. It’s not descriptive, but it’s there.

I really liked this one, little violent but what do you expect when you are reading about the mafia? It was a really great read. No epilogue as it will continue into the next. I gave it 4 stars. Thanks for reading. Hope you check it out. You can get it here: TORMENTED: Bratva Fury (book 1)

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