My review for Good Girls Say Please by Dani Wyatt


Blurb: From the moment I saw her in the greenhouse checkout line fumbling for change in her empty wallet, my life changed. I smiled for Christ sake. It felt odd on my face.

See, I’m not in the smiling sort of business. My life hasn’t given me much to smile about for a long time.

This five-foot nothing package of contradictions has me turning my life upside down. With her crooked glasses and blonde bangs that are always in her eyes, she’s one part my precious little girl. The next second, she’s a sultry vixen with an ass that looks best decorated with my red handprints.

The first time she called me Daddy, it made me want to be better man. Change all the parts of my life that have needed changing for a long time. She’s mine, my everything and I’ll protect her to the ends of the earth.

The only problem is. I may have to.

Author’s Note: This is pure Daddy/babygirl heaven. Rough talking Russian meets his one-of-a-kind cherub and his cold heart melts. Yes, they are adults but they do love to play like she isn’t. This read starts dirty and ends dirtier, but in between is all the yumminess of a possessive Daddy trying to change his life for his babygirl.

May be spoilers:

Hi! Good Girls Say Please has 21 chapters and epilogues. I do want to warn that there is lots of daddy/baby girl talk, so if you aren’t okay reading that, this story isn’t for you.

It’s about Stas and Ginger. When we start off, they have been together for 2 months and we start off with some hot sex right off the bat.

We do get to see their first meeting, which was a definite case of instalove for me. They meet at the greenhouse and he wants to take care of her right away. In her thoughts and memories we know that she pushed away briefly in the beginning, but we don’t have to wait for them to get together, thankfully as the pushing away happened off page.

Everything does move super fast. She’s a little insecure since she doesn’t know what he does for work, she just knows he has to leave. So she worries about that and she’s lying to him about her past too, which she hopes will just fade away.

His job and her past seem to crash together. We learn all about her past and her family was awful, I don’t blame her one bit for running. She’s taken to give back to her family and she’s not happy. He freaks out trying to find her and they both find out the other has been lying to them.

He does get to her of course and everything is out in the open. You would think after this that they would both learn their lesson over lying, wouldn’t you? But no, they don’t and she’s taken again, and saved again.

I thought this was a great read. Fast and to the point with lots of hot sex scenes with lots of daddy/baby girl talk. The only separations are when she’s kidnapped and it was less than a day both times. Epilogue is 3 years out, then 10 years after that, they are very happily married with 8 kids. I loved it. I gave it 4 stars. Thanks for reading. Hope you check it out. You can get it here: GOODGIRLS SAY PLEASE

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