My review for His Beauty By Leah Sharelle


Blurb: You, Beauty are the love of my life.

Steel was one of the best snipers the commando’s had ever seen. He was the V.P of the Wounded Souls MC and ran the club’s Bar and Grill. Steel was also desperately lonely. He tried to fill the void in his heart with the wrong woman. Callie was easy, she didn’t make him use his heart. The path he secretly wanted to take, would lead him to the woman he really wanted.

Can he trust her enough to show that part of him he hides behind the playboy image?

Mia loved Cooper Steel with all her heart. A heart that Steel keeps breaking every time she had to watch him go off with her sister. She has to be content with working side-by-side with Steel as the Bar and Grill’s Manager.When the danger that was stalking the club is focused on Mia, she turns to the one person that made her heart beat faster with just one look.

Was she a glutton for punishment, or can she learn to trust Steel’s promise she was the only woman for him?

May be spoilers:

His Beauty is the 3rd book in the Wounded Souls MC series. It has 39 chapters and an epilogue. I don’t want to say that this series is better read in order as the underlying story continues from the first and we see all the characters in each.

This story is about Mia and Steel.I was so worried to read this story because we see Steel and Mia in the last 2 books and they are not together and he keeps hurting her because he is with her sister,and no there is no misunderstanding in that situation. He is with her. Wasn’t sure how I was going to deal with the fact that Steel was sleeping with Callie and Mia wanting and loving him so much.

I think Callie was a b*tch and was so cruel with the way she was with Steel and his leg. I so wish he hadn’t been with her.It makes for an angsty read.

Mia is such a sweetheart, I kind of wish that her and creed were together. I do believe that he just didn’t see what Mia meant to him for so long.

Shiloh, though, there are just no words for her, she is just too funny. I love when Steel figures out just what he feels for Mia. He was a definite ass though.Very angsty.

I love that Creed threatened to claim Mia if Steel didn’t. I think Steel was messed up when he left after taking her virginity. Reading his thoughts, you can see that all he felt for Callie was just sex, but I really think once he paid attention to Mia, that he just completely fell for her. The scene where he tells her he loves her was so sweet. I love Mia.

Creed, wow, he just broke my heart. You can feel the love that he still feels for his wife.I love that Mia was there for Creed when he found out the truth of what happened to his wife and baby and I’m glad that Steel was okay with that.

The proposal was so very sweet. He really does make up for everything and we feel that she is his one. It really did turn out good.I was so worried, but Leah Sharelle did an amazing job. Epilogue is just a couple weeks out and that’s because the story continues in the next story. They are married and pregnant at the end. Great read. Once they get together they do stay together. Only slight ow drama in this one as most of the push/pull and seeing him with Callie were in previous books, not in this one. There’s only one spot were Callie kisses him in front of Mia, but that’s over quickly and he puts a stop to it right away cause he was already with Mia.

I loved it, I love how the author makes her heroes grovel, and I love that we can feel, not just read, how deeply the men feel for their women. Definitely worth a read. I gave it 4 stars. Thanks for reading. Hope you check it out. You can get the book here: His Beauty: The Wounded Souls

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