My review for Thankfully Yours by Haven Rose


Blurb: A new start…

Devlin Mathers has been hired by Carson Customs, a position he’s eager to start. But first, he must move to a new state and find a place to live. He finds the perfect home, unfortunately, someone else already owns it; the same woman Devlin vows to marry at first sight.

…leads to forever.

Ashton Carson has spent many years focused on opening her own salon, and now that it’s flourishing, loneliness has set in. She wants what her brother and best friend found together. And then the man that can give it to her walks in her door.

Making them Thankfully Yours.

Warning: If a sweet novella with instalove and sexy times isn’t your cup of tea, then this story may not be for you. But if you’re the adventurous type, or a rebel that doesn’t heed warnings, one-click now and take a chance. You may thank me for it.

May be spoilers:

Thankfully Yours is the 2nd in the Holidays in Jasper series. I do recommend reading the series in order, as we meet Ashton and Devlin in the first story which is Trick or Treat. You’re not going to miss anything if you don’t, but it’s a good start to the series. So this is just a very short, instalove story with 5 chapters and 2 epilogues. Sometimes you just need something sweet and to the point.

Devlin has a new job and is invited to the Halloween party at his boss’s sister house and that’s where he meets and falls in love with Ashton. His soon to be boss is Ashton’s brother, and Wyatt has fallen instantly in love with Ashton’s best friend Simone. We read Wyatt and Simone’s story in Trick or Treat.

Everything moves super fast. They are both all in 100%. Neither are virgins, and both have been celibate for years. He takes her to meet his family. His family loves her and takes her in right off the bat, except for his brother Dash. He’s a little rude and treats her like crap or just ignores her, but it doesn’t last long because as soon as Devlin sees what’s happening he goes off on him and puts a stop to it. That’s put to rest pretty quickly a little while later as he explains what was going on.

I loved this one. They get engaged and pregnant pretty quickly and that means they get married quickly too. It might have gone quickly, but it was great writing and it kept me interested the whole way through. Lots of hot sex. No drama, just them together. Epilogue is 10 years out, then 20 years later they are happily married with 2 girls and twin boys. Great read. I give it 5 stars for me. Thanks for reading. Hope you check it out. You can get the book here: Thankfully Yours (Holidays in Jasper Book 2)


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