My review for Already Home by Mayra Statham


Blurb: Jason Somers and Rocio Padilla have been friends forever.

She used to have feelings for him but didn’t think he could see her as more than one of the guys.

Timing has never been right for him to make a move on the one woman he’s always wanted.

Her fortieth birthday is right around the corner, and she’s ready to make big changes. Life throws them a lifeline just in time for a curveball neither saw coming. Will they let it slip through their fingers or realize in one another’s arms that they’re already home?

**A shorter version of Already Home was previously published as Butcher in the Meat Market Anthology**

May be spoilers:

Already Home is a short story. Just 10 chapters. This story is about Jason and Rocio. They’ve been best friends for years, and they’ve both wanted the other. They’ve both dated others and he’s had an escort business on the side to help put his business back in the black. He’s been celibate for 2 years and has been waiting for the right time to make his move on Row.

Row wanted to tell him how she feels, but chickened out and asked to place a special order before she moves, which starts everything. He tells her how he feels and for a minute, she thinks it’s just cause he doesn’t want to lose his friend. But they both are in love with the other. All the other stuff happened before the start of the book, so we don’t have to deal with the pining for the other for so long.

There’s some hot sex scenes that were really written well. Everything moves super fast. They get engaged, married and adopt a baby pretty quickly. Great read. I liked it. We only see a year out and they are very happy together. We don’t have to see either with anyone else, even though we know they were before the start of the book. Definitely worth a read.

I gave it 3 stars. It was written well, but 23 years wanting the other is a long time. Thanks for reading. Hope you check it out. You can get the e-book here: Already Home

Printed copy here: Already Home

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