My review for Man Of Steel By Jordan Silver


Blurb: Hayden ‘Blade’ Masters is a hard as nails biker who gives less of a shit than most. He has his woman, his kid and his bars. Not to mention the crew of men that looked to him to make the hard decisions. He spends his days protecting those who are too weak to protect themselves and his nights heating up the sheets with the hot young doctor he’d snagged during one of his ops. The only blip on his horizon was an ex-wife who didn’t understand the meaning of the term, and the humps who were set on destroying the innocent. Everyday is an adventure as head of the Hellions of Steel MC club; and there’s never a dull moment in the fast paced life of this Man of Steel.

May be spoilers:

Man of Steel has 21 chapters and an epilogue. This story is about Lily and Blade. They are already together from the start of the story.

Blade is head of an MC and him and his brothers help women and children. Lily is a doctor and that’s how they met, when he brought in one of the little girls he rescued.

Some of these little girls were raped, so there is a little talk of that, but it doesn’t go into details. Just wanted to warn you.

I love that we do see how they met and got together. How she was a virgin and from the first he knew that she was different.He has a daughter Holly by his ex wife.

So from the start of the book there is no separations, however he does think back that at the beginning of their relationship, they had to cool off for a few weeks cause his ex told his daughter that he loved Lily more, so he had to fix all that first before they could continue their relationship which became stronger after that.

So most of this story is just showing what his crew does with protecting young ones and living his life with Lily and Holly and trying to deal with the exwife. There were a few times when the ex shot off her mouth, but he dealt with most of it and Lily didn’t have to.

Things take a turn when he has to take Holly cause his ex is back with a guy who is known to be abusive. She isn’t happy and then him and Lily find out they are pregnant, she’s definitely not happy.

Holly goes missing and Blade knows that it’s the exes boyfriend, but it takes them a day to find her. She’s passed out from something he gave her, but she’s unhurt. While talking to him, Blade realizes he put this guy away years ago for raping his own daughter. It could have been a lot worse.

I loved this. I’m a huge fan of Jordan Silver. This was a great story. There is lots of hot, rough sex. If you aren’t ok reading about rough sex, with choking and spanking, this is definitely not for you. Pretty steamy. Great read. Epilogue has them married with 4 kids. I gave it  5 stars. Thanks for reading. Hope you check it out. You can get the book here: Man Of Steel

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