My review for Breaking Free By Leann Ashers


Blurb: Evelyn-Dave became something I never thought I would have. He made me feel things I have never felt before and came into my life when I needed him the most.I felt protected, worshiped and most of all.. Loved, I am loved fully and completely and without restraint. He consumes me.Dave-Evelyn is everything I never thought I would want or need. My life was dedicated to my work and any woman was far from my mind.She smiled at me and everything around me imploded. I had the over powering need to protect and make her mine.That’s what I did.But someone is trying to take her from me.Id like to see him try and it will be a deadly mistake. What they don’t know is I would go to any lengths to protect her.*WARNING*

If you don’t like insta-love with a alpha then this book isn’t for you!This book is SAFE! No cheating, has a HEA.This is a standalone.

May be spoilers:

Breaking Free is part of the Forever series and you can see this couple in both Protecting His Forever and Loving His Forever. It has 10 chapters and an epilogue. This story is about Dave and Evelyn. In the prologue, we see that Evelyn was kidnapped for 4 years. We learn that during those 4 years she had 2 kids, Sydney-you can read her story in Protecting His Forever and Ethan-his story is Loving His Forever and they all connect.

So in the beginning, we see that Dave had come over for lunch with Ethan and it’s the first time they meet, but it’s insta everything right from the start.He’s there when the man who kidnapped her shows up at her door.

He stays and takes care of her, and pretty much, never leaves.Her kids just found out about their father, which you can read more about their reactions in their own books.

Everything moves super duper fast. There really is no drama besides another man who wants her and doesn’t like that someone else has her, but that was put to rest quickly.

The kidnapper you only see in the very beginning because it was taken care of in Protecting His Forever.

It was a great read. No drama in the relationship, no separations. I really loved it. They are perfect together. The writing is pretty great. I gave it 5 star. Hope you check it out. Thanks for reading. You can get the book here: Breaking Free

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