My review for Ruby’s Strength by Elisa Leigh


Blurb: Ruby has watched her brothers find their mates and cheered them on the entire time. She knows what’s going on with Gabe, even though he’s reluctant to admit it. Ruby wants a mate more than anything in this world, but she doesn’t think she’s cut out for it. She saw what it did to her father, having to go on living years without his mate. She’s not willing to face that reality.

With the wolves snapping at their paws, she’s glad the mating heat hasn’t touched her. That is until HE walks into her world and turns it upside down. His heated stares and lingering touches are enough to make her combust. She needs to decide if having a mate is worth the potential heartache and she needs to do it fast.

Follow the Major family, a group of black bear shifters living in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Dealing with the death of their father and hiding their shifting abilities from the small town they’re from is nothing compared to the moment they meet their mates and claim them as theirs.

These are safe, interconnected novellas, guaranteed HEA, with plenty of twists and turns to keep you glued to your Kindle.

May be spoilers:

Ruby’s Strength is the 3rd in the Black Hills Shifters series. I do recommend reading in order. 1st is Cole’s Salvation by Elisa Leigh, and 2nd is Slade’s Surrender by M. Merin. They are both pretty good, and the underlying story about the wolves continue from the first book. This story has 12 chapters and an epilogue. It’s about Ruby and Rhett.

Ruby has watched her siblings find their mate, and she wants it badly, but she doesn’t want the heartbreak that comes with it. She’s a bear shifter. We see that Rhett just got out of the military and he wants to work outside with his hands, so he gets a job with Ruby’s brothers.

He falls for her and wants her instantly, even with him being human. Ruby, she knows he’s her mate, but she still takes a minute, because of watching her father’s heartbreak.

They are so sweet together. She’s a virgin and he has been celibate for many years. The sex scenes are pretty great. She claims him without talking to him first, which freaks her out and she runs to talk to Cole and Aubree. She’s only gone for a little while, but then she goes back to talk to him and I’m glad that he was so accepting to what was happening. He’s in love with her.

The only drama is in the form of the wolves that we’ve heard about in every story of this series. The wolves killed Ruby’s father for the land and they want to kill all of them. But, we’ll see them in the next story

This was a great story. The writing was great in this one. I loved it. Love that there is no one else for either of them and we don’t have to deal with other woman or man drama. No separations other than when she runs after claiming him, and that was only for a little bit, so I don’t really count that. I do love seeing the characters from the other stories.

Epilogue is about 10 years out and they are happily together with 4 kids. Can’t wait for the next one. I gave it 5 stars as it was perfect in my book. Thanks for reading. Hope you check it out. You can get the book here: Ruby’s Strength (Black Hills Shifters Book 3)

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