My review for Slade’s Surrender by M. Merin


Blurb: After years of searching shifter communities for his fated mate, Slate is at his wit’s end. Once the new park ranger walks into his office, Slate’s bear scoffs at all his preconceived notions. Worried about another human finding out their family’s secret brings about another revelation.

Follow the Major family, a group of black bear shifters living in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Dealing with the death of their father and hiding their shifting abilities from the small town they’re from is nothing compared to the moment they meet their mates and claim them as theirs.

These are safe, interconnected novellas, guaranteed HEA, with plenty of twists and turns to keep you glued to your Kindle.

May be spoilers:

Slade’s Surrender is the 2nd in the Black Hills Shifters series. I do recommend reading in order. This story has 10 chapters and an epilogue. It’s about Slade and Maura.

Maura had a crush on Slade in school, but he never knew her and they never spoke. He’s been going to all the shifters trying to find his mate cause he just assumed he would have a shifter as a mate. We do read him thinking of a couple of women who wanted him, but he may have made out with one, but he’s still a virgin and so is she.

When he scents Maura for the first time, he is not happy and he leaves. After speaking with Cole, he’s coming to terms with having a human as a mate. He’s all in and her father is very accepting. Slade worries about telling her about him being a shifter and her having to hide it from her dad, but he doesn’t realize that she’s known for years and has kept his secret.

After they have their night, Cole comes and takes Slade cause he needs help and she thinks she’s being brushed off, so she leaves to go on her trails, but realized she was overreacting.

We see that they are still having troubles with the wolves that killed their dad. Slade gets to her in time and they are able to talk. They both are in love with the other and he’s shocked that she already knew he was a shifter.

Great short story. I liked it. Epilogue is a few years down the road. They have 2 sets of twin boys and are pregnant. Great read. She was only gone a few nights before he found her. I like that there was no real drama other than the wolves.The story will continue into the next with Ruby. I gave it 4 stars. Thanks for reading. Hope you check it out. You can get the book here: Slate’s Surrender: (Black Hills Shifters Book 2)

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