My review for Torch By Leann Ashers


Blurb: One moment, one ordinary day changed my life and led me to my forever.

Three guys tried to kidnap me.

One man saved me.

I was beyond scared. Being blind, I was already terrified of my every move, the unknown frightening.

His name is Torch. Once he decided I was his, he didn’t let me go. Torch became everything to me: my protector, my safe haven, my husband, lover, and most of all, the father to my babies. He made me see that I didn’t have to be afraid of my every step, because he would always be there to catch me before I fell.

Torch is the Vice President of the Devils Souls MC. The men are violent and scary, but I learned to trust them, because above everything else, their women are protected. They became my family. My only family.

May be spoilers:

Hey everyone, I just finished reading Torch for the 5th or 6th time.It’s the first in the Devils Souls MC series.I’m a huge fan of LeAnn Ashers. Her writing is amazing, and I’ve read everything that she has written. She is definitely one of my favorite authors. This has 24 chapters and an epilogue. Those of you who love short stories? Yeah, this may be 24 chapters, but it reads fast as it keeps you in the story, so it doesn’t feel long at all.

This story is about Torch and Kayla. Kayla is blind and as soon as Torch sees and rescues her from being almost kidnapped, that was it, he was all in 100%. That’s my favorite part of this author’s stories is that once the heroes meet their one, they are all in.She feels a connection to him too, so I definitely think this was an instalove type of story.

Torch is funny. He basically kidnaps her to keep her safe. The story deals with sex trafficking and everything that comes with a MC club. We learn that Torch is awesome. He raised his daughter on his own and he’s a very good man.

Kayla, her parents were awful especially her mom. And I do say her mom, because her mom should have protected her from her father, but she allowed him to mistreat and abuse her. It’s heartbreaking to read, because Kayla is a sweetheart and is blind and the people who are supposed to be there for her and protect her are the very ones hurting her.

They are very much into the other. Neither were virgins, but they had both been celibate for  a while. There are some hot sex scenes.

They find out they are pregnant and the doctor goes to touch her without gloves on and Torch lets him have it. They find out one of the old ladies from the club went to that same doctor and she realized after hearing Kayla, that he touched her without gloves. So the guys are upset over that and make plans to deal with him.

So there is some violence as they are dealing with the gang and traffickers. They are after the women of the club and that’s something the men are not going to allow to happen. There’s also dealing with her mother and father.

We meet Lane from the Grim Sinners MC series and we see when he meets his daughter for the first time when the guys rescue her from traffickers.

Even with how busy the story is and some of it being heartbreaking to read, most of it makes me smile throughout. Parts are funny and parts are loving. So sweet together. That goes for Ryan finding his one in Myra and her daughter Mia. Was a case of instalove for them too.

We see the doctor try to take Kayla after she gave birth, but Torch saves her. He admits he was planning on raping her and he molested Bell.

I loved this. Great writing and just all around great story. I love that there was no drama in the relationship. That once they get together, they stay together. Great read. Epilogue is 20 years out and they are happily married with kids Paisley, Trenton and Rose. I gave it 5 stars cause it was just that good. Thanks for reading. Hope you check it out. You can get the book here: Torch (Devil Souls MC Book 1)

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