My review for Perfectly Wrapped by CM Steele


Blurb: Perfectly Wrapped


Stepping into a shop to have a present perfectly wrapped, he never had any idea that he’d walk out with the most beautiful woman on his arm. A night of passion, caution thrown to the wind, and a goodbye note changed him forever.


The first day as a gift wrapper, and she falls into the arms and bed of a customer. She couldn’t go back. Luckily, she didn’t need the seasonal position. Now if she could only forget everything about his strong arms, tender touch, and sensual promises he made.

This is a fast-paced romance wrapped up in sticky passion. Sweeter than ribbon candy in your stockings and hotter than the fireplace on these cold winter nights.

May be spoilers:

Perfectly Wrapped is book 2 in A Steele Christmas Novella series. It can be read as a standalone, but I definitely recommend reading Mason’s Winter first. This has 16 chapters and an epilogue and it’s about Rob and Rebecca.

When we first open up, Becca is trying to sweet talk her brother into letting her get a job. She feels so alone as her friends are no longer close, but her brother is very protective and  a little overly so. There parents did when they were young and her brother took care of her. He finally agrees and helps her get a present wrapping job.

We see that Rob is friends with her brother and knows of her.

She meets Rob who shows up to wrap his mom’s gift and they both fall instantly for the other.

He takes her to his home and never wants her to leave. There are some hot sex scenes that were really good. He knows he wants her forever, but she doesn’t realize that he meant every word he said. She thinks it was a one night stand, so she leaves while he’s out. She regrets it as soon as she does. He’s heartbroken.

It’s 3 weeks before they see each other again, and her brother tells him about her being pregnant. I’m glad that the brother handled the news.

There is slight other woman drama in the form of his assistant, but it was over pretty quickly, and he was never with her at all. I loved this one. Great read. Double virgins! It’s pretty great to see them get married with Mason and Winter.

Epilogue is a few years later and they have 3 kids and trying to get pregnant with another.

I don’t rate for editing, I see the issues, but I’m not an editor, so I only rate for the story. I gave it 4 stars. Thanks for reading. You can get the book here: Perfectly Wrapped (A Steele Christmas Novella Book 2)

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