My review for Techy By Leann Ashers


Blurb: Alisha

My story isn’t a very conventional one. I met my man online, which isn’t a shocking thing nowadays.

I sure didn’t know that he would rescue me from hell.

I had been stuck in hell with no way out. Then Techy swooped in with guns blazing and took me out of there. A knight in shining leather.

I didn’t expect to feel what I feel; that I would fall in love, that I would feel safe and protected.

I had never felt that before.

Until Techy.

Techy is a member of the Devil’s Souls MC, the most notorious MC in Texas. They love hard and fight harder. You mess with their family, hell is something you’d beg for.

Shit hits the fan when someone from my past comes to get what my dead father never gave back to him.

My name is Alisha and this is my story.


A man is after my woman.

He won’t be a man much longer.

He dares to try and take her from me?

Hell is something he’ll beg for. Because nobody, and I mean nobody, looks in Alisha’s direction in a way I don’t like. If they do? They’ll be eating their teeth.

If you threaten her? Death is an easy way out.

I will do whatever it takes to protect her.        

This book has a HEA, with no cheating and a obsessed alpha. If you don’t like instalove this book isn’t for you.

May be spoilers:

Techy is the second in the Devils Souls MC series.It has 24 chapters and an epilogue. This is about Techy and Alisha. I do recommend reading in order. This author is pretty great.

I loved Techy. Techy and Alisha met online while she was trying to get a break from everyday life with her abusive dad. They’ve been talking for a couple of months now. Both of them feel a connection to the other.

I do want to warn, some parts are violent. He’s on facetime when he sees her father hurt her and he goes after her to save her. We see that her father has been abusing her and her mother for many years. Her mom, you can’t blame her when she was shot up with drugs. We’ll see more of her story in Smiley.

He takes her home with him and is never letting her go again.There is a lot of time that she is healing and they are just spending time together. I really love how they are together. They both are head over heels for the other.

I think the scene where he catches her watching something on her phone is just hilarious. So the Devils Souls MC is in the midst of war with another MC and they are going after the old ladies and kids. The guys are pissed, but they handle it.The storyline continues in the next story also.

I love that they were together the whole way through and there were no others for either. It does move super fast, but they got to know each other on the phone, before they ever meet in person. There is lots of hot sex. She was a virgin.

We do see that Alisha’s mom got the help she needed so she can be a mom to her. Her story is heartbreaking.

This was a great story. I loved it. I love how her heroes treat their one. I love this author’s writing as you can feel just how much Techy loves Alisha and vice versa. No separations, no other woman/other man drama. All drama is from the other MC going after the women.

Great read. Epilogue is 13 years out. They are happily married with twins, a boy and a girl.  I gave it 5 stars as it kept me interested and I loved it. Thanks for reading. Hope you check it out. You can get the book here: Techy (Devil Souls MC Book 2)

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