My review for Bad Uncle by Jordan Silver


Blurb: When Mark left the home of his adoptive parents seventeen years ago, he swore to himself that he wouldn’t be back until he could get his revenge.

Now eighteen years later he’d moved on and built a life for himself, leaving the past behind. That is until his adoptive brother’s daughter searched him out. The brother who’d made his life a living hell.

Now he’s back in his hometown at the request of his ‘niece’ and his revenge just might take another form.

May be spoilers:

Bad Uncle has 12 chapters and an epilogue. It’s about Mark and Noel. We see that Noel has invited him to her graduation party. She’s head over heels for him and they have been talking back and forth for a little while.

Mark is her adoptive uncle. His adoptive parents pretty much dropped him once they became pregnant with their own son. Noel’s dad hates Mark and her mom dated Mark when they were younger, but she went with Noel’s dad because he is the one who would inherit the money. Mark did not ever sleep with her mother.

They both feel very connected to the other when they meet in person for the first time. Her dad is not happy of course.

She’s a virgin and there are some rough, hot sex scenes, with a little spanking thrown in. No real drama other than the parents for a split second and the guy that her dad wanted her to marry for his money, and that was only a split second too.

This is mostly sex, sex and more sex. Epilogue is a few months later, then a few years later. They are happily married with 4 kids. Short and to the point, I loved it. Great read. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars. Hope you check it out and you can get it here: Bad Uncle

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