My review for Vengeful Husbands Book 1 Rock BY Jordan Silver


Blurb: Rock Pierce is not the kind of man you’d want to cross. So when the woman he loved chose her family over him, he had only one goal in life, to make her pay. Ashley Stahl was a shy insecure young woman until she met the dominant self-assured Rock who teased her out of her shell and showed her a love she never knew could exist for someone like her. But then her wealthy father found out about the affair and through threats and other underhanded tactics, forced her to choose. To save the man she loves, she had to make a decision that will break both their hearts. Now five years later he’s back and set on revenge. Will he give her a chance to make things right? Or will his need for vengeance destroy them both and diminish all that they once shared?

May be spoilers:

It has 22 chapters and an epilogue. This story is about Rock and Ashley. We start off with Rock making a deal for Ashley to be in his bed and he’ll save her dad’s company. It’s been 5 years since they’ve seen each other.

We do see their first meeting and some of their past. She was a virgin and they were very much in love. Now he’s out for revenge. And we see even though he’s pissed, he loves her very much.

He’s so pissed at her father and her fiancé or ex fiancé. Since they are the reason she left him 5 years ago. So he lets them know that he has her.

There is lots of hot rough sex. There are punishments. He’s pissed that she was engaged to another man. So if you aren’t okey reading rough sex, punishments, spanking and choking, then I’d pass on this one.

She was celibate, he was not. He also said the only way he could keep it up was to think about her. He was an ass when he said this.

We see that he left because her dad threatened her and his dad.He doesn’t realize at the time, but she was threatened too.

There was slight other woman drama in the form of his ex from before meeting Ashley. Ashley gets pissed and so was he, but he makes her believe him.It was only a split second.

Her dad gets what’s coming to him.

I loved these two. Yes, most of the book is sex, but I loved it. Once they are back together, there are no separations, no cheating.

Just a great read. Epilogue has them married about bout to give birth to twins, a boy and a girl. I loved it. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars. Thanks for reading. Hope you check it out. You can get the book here: Vengeful Husbands Book 1 Rock

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