My review for A Christmas Hero for the Bride by Elizabeth Princeton


Blurb: Six years ago, my world stopped turning when he saved me. I never forgot about him, but I had to grow up. Luke etched himself in my soul.

When I saved her six years ago, I was doing my job. A chance encounter years later, crossed our paths again. Now, Whisper is all woman. My woman. Come hell or high water, I’ll never let her go again.

This Elizabeth Princeton novella gives you all the feels as these two soul mates find their sexy and sweet happily ever!

May be spoilers:

A Christmas Hero for the Bride is book 6 in the Seven Brides of Christmas series. Each is a standalone. This story has 10 chapters with 2 epilogues and is about Luke and Whisper.

Luke hasn’t seen Whisper in 5 years. He saved her and then she was taken by social workers and even though he tried to check on her, the system wouldn’t allow it. He thinks of her all the time. He decides to go to Delilah for help finding a woman on the recommendation of Nathan.

Whisper just turned 18, so she was only 13 last she seen Luke. Delilah wants her to go on a date with Luke.

Whisper’s story is heartbreaking. She really thinks Luke lied to her about checking on her. She only agrees with Delilah, so she’ll leave her alone about it.

When they see each other, he falls instantly in love, but she runs. She’s almost raped by a homeless man, but Luke gets to her in time. He professes his love right away.

I love instalove stories, however, this just didn’t flow very well for me, which makes feeling a connection really hard. So, it was a good story. Very little drama.

Epilogue is 2 years then 5 years later, then 10 years later, then 50 years, they have 9 kids, 18 grandkids and 4 great grandkids. I liked it, but didn’t love it, just couldn’t connect with the characters. I gave this 3 out of 5 stars. Thanks for reading. You can get the book here: A Christmas Hero for the Bride (Seven Brides of Christmas)

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