My review for Naughty Sleigh Ride by Fiona Starr


Blurb: Santa comes once a year … or does he?

Join sixteen of your favorite romance authors as they make all of your Christmas wishes come true!

Put out the milk, he’ll take care of your cookie — it’s time to take seat on Santa’s lap.

* * *

All Aboard! This ride’s going down.

Amelia’s got her heart set on the ranch next to her family’s ski resort. It’s the perfect gift to herself, something to call her very own.

Damon’s home to help his parents shut down their ranch and retire to the desert. While he’s here he’s managing the horses for the mountain sleigh ride tours.

When fate throws them together, sexy sparks fly sky high.

Little do they know they are each other’s perfect Christmas present.

Come along for the ride… it’s naughty and nice, with a little spice!

May be spoilers:

Naughty Sleigh Ride is a part of the Santa’s Coming short story series. Each is a standalone. This has 7 chapters and an epilogue and it’s about Amelia and Damon.

Everything moves super fast. She’s wanting to buy the ranch that his parents own. He’s back in town to help his parents pack.

When they meet, you can definitely feel the sparks flying which was great. It was instalove, instaeverything. There are a couple hot steamy scenes. They fall for each other quickly. There’s slight drama when she thinks he played her so he can keep his parents ranch, but it’s quickly fixed. I loved this one. It was a great read. Epilogue is 1 year out, they are fixing to open up the B&B and they get engaged, which was really sweet.

Just a short, insta story, quick to the point read. I loved it. I gave it 5 out of 5 stars.  Thanks for reading. Hope you check it out. You can get the book here: Naughty Sleigh Ride (A Santa’s Coming Short Story)

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