My review for Santa’s Baby by Dee Ellis


Blurb: Santa’s Stuffing More Than Her Stockings…

Joy has no reason to love the holidays. Being single in the city with a joke of a job gives her little to celebrate.

Until a Sexy Santa takes over at Santa’s Village where Joy takes the kids’ photos. Nick is yummier than any Christmas cookie and naughtier than any elf on any shelf.

All Nick want’s to unwrap this Christmas is Joy because he wants her to be Santa’s Baby.

May be spoilers:

Santa’s Baby is part of the Santa’s Coming short story series. It’s only 5 chapters with no epilogue and is about Nick and Joy.

Joy pretty much hates life until she meets Nick. It’s insta when they meet, and I thought it was really good. Her boss wants her and keeps making passes, but other than that, there is no drama.

Just a short to the point story of these two getting together. It’s a little steamy. Great read. If you are looking for a lot of depth, this is not it. But it was great for what it was.

No epilogue, they do talk about getting married and having babies together. It’s really just the day they meet and get together. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars.  Thanks for reading. Hope you check it out. You can get the book here: Santa’s Baby (A Santa’s Coming Short Story)

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