My review for Santa’s Naughty Elf by Tracy Lorraine


Blurb: We all know what happens to naughty little elves…

My boss is an a**hole.

And a Scrooge.

Despite his best attempts to dampen the holiday spirit around the office, I still want him.

He dominates the office, and I can only imagine what he must be like in the bedroom.

As the Christmas party gets underway, I’m dying to know if Santa’s gift will come early this year.

Santa comes once a year … or does he?

Join sixteen of your favorite romance authors as they make all of your Christmas wishes come true!

Put out the milk, he’ll take care of your cookie — it’s time to take seat on Santa’s lap.

May be spoilers:

Santa’s Naughty Elf is part of the Santa’s Coming short story series. It’s very short with 3 chapters and an epilogue and is about Jordan and Cerys. Jordan is her boss.

It’s short and to the point. Just them getting together after she thinks he doesn’t like her, but he shows her differently. There is a 3 day separation when she runs after their time together, thinking that it was just a one off.

He shows up to her family home and shows her exactly what he wants. I thought it was pretty good. Epilogue is a year out and they get engaged. Quick read that was written pretty great.

I gave it 4 out of 5 stars.  Thanks for reading. Hope you check it out. You can get the book here: Santa’s Naughty Elf (A Santa’s Coming Short Story)

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