My review for My Holiday Joy by Jordan Silver


Blurb: Joyann Reese has just moved from her home in New York City to the small town where she spent most of her summer holidays as a child. The great-aunt she hadn’t seen since her early teens, the only adult who’d taught her to love herself, extra curves and all, had died and left her the only place she’d ever felt safe. Moving to a small town opening up her own bakery, all around the holidays was already a bit harrowing, so she didn’t need the extra bother of a love interest.

As a plus size, ‘big girl’ she knew well her limitations and one look at the dreamboat next door told her that he was way out of her league, but that never stopped a girl from dreaming. If only he wasn’t so overbearingly perfect…

Devlin Monroe took one look at his new neighbor when she showed up at his door with her baked offering and smelled trouble. It didn’t take him long to decide that she was a nuisance and a pain not to mention an unwanted distraction in his otherwise ideal existence. He’d had a good thing going in his small hometown until she moved in next door.

She’s nowhere near his type so why does he find himself going out of his way to spar with her, and why is she the last thing on his mind when he lay his head down at night?

May be spoilers:

My Holiday Joy is by one of my favorite authors. The cover is one of my favorites, just beautiful. It has 19 chapters and an epilogue, and is about Devlin and Joyann.

We first meet Joyann who is very down on herself. Even though she has the hots for Devlin, she feels like it will never be and he doesn’t want her anyways.

He still was messing around with other women until 2 weeks before the start of the story. We don’t actually have to see him with another woman.

There’s quite a bit of push/pull from him in the beginning because he doesn’t feel like she’s his type. She doesn’t think she’s good enough so she does push away a little bit too.

They do get together and she’s a virgin.

He doesn’t like it when she gives him a note telling him why they shouldn’t be together, he just kind of ignores it. Slight other woman when she sees a woman at his door, but it’s cleared up quickly.

There was some hot sex scenes, a little spanking and choking. Really great story, I thought. Epilogue is a year out and they are happily together and have a 3 month old. Great read. I loved it. It may not have meant to be, but parts were hilarious. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars.  Thanks for reading. Hope you check it out. You can get the book here: My Holiday Joy

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