My review for Sugar Mountain Christmas Bride by Frankie Love


Blurb: When I arrive in Linesworth with my daughter to celebrate the holidays, I’m not looking for love.
I already have more than enough.
The last thing I expect to find at the bakery is the cutest Christmas cookie I’ve ever seen.
Noelle is kind and generous —the sort of woman men move snow-capped mountains for.
One taste of Noelle’s frosting and she’s all I crave.
But she has other things on her mind—and finding her own happily ever after seems like someone else’s Christmas wish.
I didn’t come to Linesworth to find a bride, but I’m not leaving this mountain until I make Noelle my wife.

Dear Reader,
This Christmas romance is nice and sweet, but once you read this you’ll be on Santa’s naughty list. You can thank me later. *Wink, wink.
Xo, Frankie

May be spoilers:

Sugar Mountain Christmas Bride has 14 chapters and an epilogue and is about Noelle and Brooks.

They meet when he takes his daughter into her shop to get hot chocolate. Even though he feels that she’s special, he thinks she planning her wedding. That all changes when he steps in for his dad to help her.

Noelle is planning a wedding for her friend, but her friend doesn’t seem all that interested.

We find out that Noelle is trying her best for her friend because her family took Noelle in when her parents were killed. Brooks is afraid of love because of Scout’s mom, she did giving birth and even though they weren’t together and weren’t in love, it still made a dent in him. I like that they were both able to tell each other about their pasts. They both have been celibate for a long time.

Everything moves super fast. Some hot sex scenes. She turns him away after they spend some time together as she thinks he’s going back to his home and she doesn’t want to get her heart broken. They talk and they both want more.

Her friend Sophia shows her true colors.

Brooks and Noelle profess their love pretty quickly and get married on Christmas Eve. It was a great story I thought. Epilogue is a year out, they are happily married with Scout and a 2 month old son. Great read. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars.  Thanks for reading. Hope you check it out. You can get the book here:
Sugar Mountain Christmas Bride (The Mountain Men of Linesworth Book 7)

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