My review for Tis the Season for Love by Fiona Davenport


Blurb: This holiday collection features three steamy stories, including Ride My Sleigh Tonight which is brand new! These alpha male heroes don’t care about presents. All they want for Christmas is their woman in their bed. Tis the season for love, after all.

The One I Want for Christmas

Holly Lane hadn’t planned to take a trip on Santa’s lap this year, but her best friend talks her into it anyway. Only it isn’t a what that she’s wishing for this year… it’s a who. But what are the odds that Santa can fit Jacob Marley in her stocking?

Warning: Some of the best gifts come in small packages. Which is a good thing since this sweet & sexy novella is short… but not as short as the blurb!

The Santa Trap

A hot, single dad.

Plus a sweet & sexy baker.

Brought together by two mischievous boys with a plan that leads to a ho-ho-ho-happily ever after.

The holidays have never been so romantic.

Ride My Sleigh Tonight

Grant St. Nicholas Calvin owned a chain of Christmas themed stores, but he had no love for the holidays. Not until Kristen Delancey walked into his office and stole his heart. She was the holiday miracle he didn’t even know he’d been wishing for, and he’d never let her go.

May be spoilers:

Tis the Season for Love has 3 stories, so we’ll go in order. Each is very short.

First up is The One I Want for Christmas. It has 4 chapters and an epilogue. It’s about Jacob and Holly.

We meet Holly who’s alone for the holidays since her family’s plane was canceled because of the weather. Her best friend makes her get out of the house and sit on Santa’s lap.

The only thing she wishes for is Jacob. They dated a few months in high school before he had to move with his family and they lost touch. She’s only ever kissed him, as she’s never gotten over him. They were both virgins as there was only Holly for him.

He stayed away so they could both get the education that they needed. They both are very much in love with the other and he’s come back for her.

Just a really short to the point story. Hot sex scene. Great read. Epilogue is 2 years out, then a few years after, they are happily married with a 4 kids.

Second up is The Santa Trap. Has 7 chapters and an epilogue and is about David and Harley.

David is a single dad to Luke and Luke is best friends with Tyler, Harley’s little brother. The boys come up with a plan to get David and Harley together, which was pretty cute.

Definite case of instalove for the both of them. Harley was a virgin. Sparks flying, I loved it. Everything moves super fast. No drama. Split second of another woman flirting with David, but it was over quickly.

Great read. Steamy scenes. Loved it. Epilogue is a year out and they are happily married and are pregnant.

Last is Ride My Sleigh Tonight. Has 5 chapters and an epilogue. It’s about Grant and Kristen. They meet because Grant’s wanting to sell his business to Kristen. But when they first meet, you can feel the instalove sparking. Little steamy which was great. No drama. Just short and to the point.

Epilogue is 4 years out, they are happily married with 2 boys and a girl and are pregnant. We also see the couples from the other stories in this epilogue.

All in all, these stories were pretty great. Just short and to the point. I loved them. I gave it 5 out of 5 stars.  Thanks for reading. Hope you check it out. You can get the book on Amazon here: Tis the Season for Love

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