My Review for Deception By Jordan Silver


Blurb: One year ago Colin Stewart met the young and beautiful Amber Stevens while on holiday in the Greek Isles. It was love at first sight for the business tycoon and the young girl; but on their return to the states something went horribly wrong. Now out for revenge Colin has tracked her down with only one thing on his mind. To make her pay for her deception. What will he do when he finally finds her and uncovers the secret she’s been hiding?

May be spoilers:

Deception has 17 chapters and an epilogue and is about Amber and Colin. They met and fell in love at first sight and we see how they met and what happened after in little snippets of memories.

Starting off, we see that she’s been gone for a year and he’s finally found her and their son. He is pissed and he is definitely an ass.

He finds her and takes her and their son, he was going to leave her, but when she gets upset, he thinks he can just have her closer while he gets his revenge. If he would have let her explain and him explain why he was so angry, things wouldn’t have lasted as long as they did, but then we wouldn’t have gotten a great story out of it.

They’ve both been faithful, even when he was angry, he wasn’t with anyone else. He is so mean to her, him thinking she did him wrong, and he just wants her to be his whore, which is the only way she can stay with her son. Even with thinking the worst, he can’t do that to her, he still loves her and he has his doubts. It’s only the day and night when he’s mean, he starts changing after that. So we don’t have to see them apart for very long.

When he realizes for sure that she is innocent in what he thought she did, he gets sick because of everything he said to her. Think he gets points for that in my book. In her case, she was told by his sister in law that he was getting married, so that’s why she left, not because she stole anything. Thankfully they figure it out. He does apologize, and she forgives him quickly.

They get their revenge on the ones who screwed them up.Thankfully, everything goes smooth after that. They both love each other completely.

Great story, so glad they got their happily ever after. Epilogue is 3 months out then 6 months after that and has them married with a son and just giving birth to a daughter. I loved it. The writing was great. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars, only because of the separation.Still perfect writing.  Thanks for reading. Hope you check it out. You can get the book here: Deception

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