My Review for Kicking And Screaming By Jordan Silver


Blurb:Maxie Dove is the headstrong daughter of a once wealthy family, who has seen better days. She doesn’t suffer fools easily, and so when the highly esteemed future brother in law of her older sister comes to visit, she is not at all impressed with his good looks, nor his bank account. While the other females in the family fawn over and fall over backwards to please the handsome Jackson Collins, Maxie has made it her life’s mission to thwart him at every turn. Fireworks aren’t the only things that ignite once this Texan decides to take charge of the little hellion.

May be spoilers:

Kicking and Screaming has 34 chapters and is about Maxie and Jackson.

You see in the prologue that she hates Jackson and they haven’t even met yet. Maxie if so funny even when she’s being mistreated. She doesn’t care that he’s rich or who he is. She’s just pissed because she thinks he’s trying to take over her sister’s wedding and nothing is good enough, and there is hints at something else that puts her off him, but nothing is said in the beginning.

Her sisters and mother are terrible to her. Her dad, I just love him. There first meeting was fire. She lets him have it and he shows her that he’s not scared of her. He finds out she’s the Dove, someone he had asked to give a private concert for his mom, but she turned him down. He sees that her sisters are mean to her and figures out why she acts the way she does.

Her barbs are hilarious even when she’s sad. He overhears when her mother makes her cancel dinner and things change from there. He wants nothing more than to protect her and to find out why she hates him.

She starts letting him in and it’s really good. He is a very good man and hates to see anyone mistreating her. He offers for her to come home with him with her sister, because her parents were going to send her to Arizona. Her sisters and mom are not happy about her going with him.

When she gets to his place, she sees the girl from her past who told her that he molested her and made her get an abortion and that’s why she’s been so awful to Jackson. She now knows that’s a lie and Jackson knows what was said too cause he overheard her.

Both of them want revenge for that and on top of that her mother and sisters finagled a way to come to the wedding earlier, so she’s going to have to deal with them again.

I love how his mom takes to her right off the bat. I love that he’s so protective of her.

Her mom and sisters do walk in on them while they are still in bed and Jackson tells them to get out. I don’t know what they were thinking, they are awful.

When he lets her mom have it about her taking care of them and them being so awful, she lets it slip about her stalker, which he didn’t know about. We see that Sophia is the one who is bringing her stalker around.She wants her out of the picture cause she wants Jackson.

I loved this one. Yeah, there is a lot of drama, most of it is outside the relationship. Once she figured out the truth about Sophie and once they kissed that was it. It moves pretty fast between them.

Great writing. I loved it. It’s funny in parts. Lots of hot, rough sex. No separations. HEA. Epilogue is 6 years out and they are happily married with 3 boys,a girl and are pregnant. I gave it 5 out of 5 stars.  Thanks for reading. Hope you check it out. You can get the book here: Kicking and Screaming

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