My Review for The Good Girl by Jordan Silver


Blurb: She signed a contract, now she belongs to him. The rules were clear. Complete secrecy, no babies and always be there when he wants her. But she’s broken one of his cardinal rules and the consequences may be the loss of the one man who would ever own her heart.

May be spoilers:

The Good Girl has 11 chapters and an epilogue and is about Jonas and Thalia.

When the story starts we’re in the middle of their story.

We see that he lost his wife and son a couple years ago and the wife cheated on him.

He had Thalia sign a contract to be with him and she’s not allowed to make a sound during sex and there’s lots of it.

He’s an ass for most of the book.

We find out in the first chapter, or it’s hinted at that she’s pregnant and she’s scared to lose him even though he treats her like a mistress, not the man she loves.

They’ve been in this agreement for 3 months.

She gets a little jealous and hurt when she thinks her assistant is her replacement, but she doesn’t say anything at first.

He gets jealous of someone who flirts with her, but it was over quickly.

She gets hurt when she thinks he’s cheating with Rachel because they were both off the same day.

She was a virgin when they started. He’s never stayed after having sex with her. For most of the book it stays this way.

Then she sees him out with Rachel and can’t take it anymore, so she leaves heartbroken. He of course tracks her down only a few hours later and we find out who Rachel is and that he knows about the baby.

He finally tells her everything and explains why he’s been the way he has been. He says he loves her.

In all honesty, it was a good story, but I didn’t like that it took till the last couple chapters to see how he feels and them actually talk. Still good, just not great. Still lots of hot sex scenes.

Epilogue is a few months out, 6 weeks after giving birth to their daughter and they are married. I gave it 3 out of 5 stars as I just didn’t connect to the story. Still one of my favorite authors.  Thanks for reading. Hope you check it out. You can get the book here: The Good Girl

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