My Review for Final Truth by Haven Rose


When danger shadows your every step…

With her older sister, Rita’s, kidnapping, Roma is the only one who can put the man responsible behind bars where he belongs. But he’s already made one witness run in fear for their safety and he just tried to silence Roma forever. At nineteen, Roma feels as if everyone she loves leaves her and refuses to lose Rita too. Knowing she needs help and medical attention for her injuries, she heads to Colebrook where Leah, her friend and the woman once related to the kidnapper, lives.

you need a light to chase it away.

As the sheriff’s son, Bobby knows what people are capable of and even saw it firsthand when his best friend, Ruby, was almost murdered while searching for justice for her mom. Along the way, she also found her soulmate and seeing her happiness makes him yearn for his own. But he’s never been interested in any woman he’s met, and then the one that can give him forever collapses in his arms. Bobby has no doubt their paths were meant to merge and will do whatever he can to prove his love is forever.

Together they’ll uncover the final truth.

May be spoilers:

Final Truth is the 3rd in the Tangled Web series. I do recommend reading this series in order, especially reading Lethal Memories before this one as that’s when we meet Bobby and Roma.

This story has 16 chapters and 2 epilogues and it’s about Bobby and Roma, dual virgins.

Just a recap, at the end of the last story, they meet when Roma goes to Leah and Deacon cause she’s been hurt and needs help. Her sister was kidnapped by Keith, who is the stepbrother of Leah. Roma tried to trade herself for Rita and was hit with a car twice. So at the end of Lethal Memories, she collapses in Bobby’s arms.

So at the start of this one, it’s only been a few hours, but we know it was instalove on both their parts. Bobby is all in 100 %. Roma is hurt bad, but he’s going to take care of her.

I love how they are together and I love that we get to see the couples from the other books.

My favorite types of series are the ones where we see each couple, in each book, it works for me.

There is no hesitation on either of their parts. They fall quickly and everything moves fast. There are lots of hot, steamy scenes. There’s a lot of them getting to know each other and falling in love.

This was such a great story. The storyline that started in Lethal Memories continued in this one. Both Roma and Rita find their men. Rita, I’m guessing will have her own story and I’m hoping we’ll see Sam and Ian’s story too.

The girls mother was no mother at all, she was awful. This story has a lot going on, but Roma and Bobby, you can definitely feel the love.

Writing was great, there was no negatives. I do love short stories, but even with this being a little longer, I loved it. I love instalove stories, there is none better. Great read. No separations, no other people drama which was awesome. All the drama is from the sister being kidnapped and all that comes up with that.

Epilogue is 10 years out and they have 3 girls and adopt 2 boys. Then we see 30 years after meeting. Sweet love story. Epilogues made me tear up, they were great. I gave it 5 out of 5 stars.  Thanks for reading. Hope you check it out. You can get the book on Amazon here: Final Truth (A Tangled Web Book 3)

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