My Review for Lethal Memories by Haven Rose


Blurb: He spent his childhood being told he wasn’t wanted…

Deacon Kennedy may be a respected detective now, but as a child he knew nothing but harsh words and was made to feel like a burden by his parents. Once he freed himself from that life, Deacon was hesitant to allow anyone in, fearful of the DNA running through his veins. That doesn’t stop the yearning for more though after his best friend finds happiness. When a beautiful woman enters the police department, the same day he turns in his letter of resignation, he knows he’ll do everything to protect her, including delaying his own plans to keep her safe, and have the chance to show her they belong together.

She’s always preferred reading fairy tales to living her reality…

Aside from her parents, Leah Taylor has felt as if she’s on the outside looking in her entire life. Her shyness led her classmates to tease her and her intelligence caused them to use her. After tragically losing her mother years before, she’s recently gained a stepmother and stepbrother, while the former demeans her, the latter makes her uncomfortable. When Leah begins to feel as if she’s in danger, she knows she needs help. She gets far more than she bargained when she meets the sexy detective assigned her case.

A love that was always meant to be…

While falling in love, Deacon and Leah work to uncover who’s behind the threat surrounding her. But fate doesn’t always win, and their fairy tale soon becomes a nightmare as they discover memories can be lethal because there are some things you can never forget.

May be spoilers:

Lethal Memories is the 2nd in A Tangled Web series. I do recommend reading in order. This has 24 chapters and 2 epilogues and is about Deacon and Leah. Dual virgins.

This story was so great. We get to see Deacon and Leah fall in love twice. They are trying to figure out who is out to get her and why. Leah’s mom was killed protecting her and all for something that was not their fault.

We see Ruby and Ryan from the first story which was pretty great.

There are a few steamy scenes. The writing is awesome. No negatives whatsoever.

We get to see their beautiful beginning. Instalove to the max and this author writes some great stories with instalove couples.

We get to see Ruby and Ryan get married. We meet Bobby and Roma who will have their own book next. There is a lot going on in the book, but it doesn’t feel like too much.

It will continue into the next, as it’s not really finished. They do figure out what’s going on and Rita gets kidnapped, so we’ll see the rest of that in the next story.

Leah’s stepmom and stepbrother were a little nuts. Her stepmom got what she deserved.

This was a great story. Even with her memory loss, there was no separation, no others for either. Just a lot of love and drama from outside sources. An all around great story.

Epilogue is just a short time later and we see that Roma is hurt and she meets Bobby when she goes to Leah and Deacon for help, then we see 5 years later, Deacon and Leah are happily married with a son and give birth to a daughter. We see Ruby and Ryan are happily married and have 3 kids.

Great read. I definitely recommend reading this one, but read them in order. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.  Thanks for reading. Hope you check it out. You can get Lethal Memories on Amazon here: Lethal Memories (A Tangled Web Book 2)

If you haven’t read Grave Secrets, you need to get it from Amazon and read first:

Final Truth:

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