Review: Junkyard Dog by Bijou Hunter



Published 2016

Blurb: Angus Hayes is as mean as a junkyard dog. Well, that’s the rumor Candy Wilburn hears before taking the job as his assistant. Hayes doesn’t disappoint. He’s a giant man with a big mouth and a bigger ego. In the town of White Horse, what the gorgeous and dangerous Hayes wants, he gets. Now he wants his sassy assistant.


Candy has no doubt Hayes will make a great lover, but she doesn’t want to be her boss’s booty call. At first anyway. Once he shifts from boss to friend and lover, Candy falls hard. Now she can only hope the filthy-mouthed outsider she loves will open his heart and learn to trust.


Junkyard Dog is a standalone romance with adult language, violence, and sexual situations.


May be spoilers:

Junkyard Dog is the 1st in the White Horse series. It has 42 chapters and 2 epilogues and is about Candy and Hayes. This is a reread for me.

They meet when she interviews to be his assistant. This was funny right from the beginning. They were both asses,but very funny.

If you don’t like rough characters with bad mouths who call each other names, this isn’t for you. I’m not a fan of the name calling, however, the writing is awesome. It’s more funny than anything for me.

Neither were with others after meeting even though he told her he was. He did finally tell her the truth. It’s halfway through before there is any steaminess. Lots of push/pull.

I think at one point, he hurts her feelings and she’s gone for a day or so, but they make up quickly.

There is really no other drama, just them trying to figure each other out since they’ve always been alone. She’s been celibate for 10 years and he’s been celibate since a few weeks before meeting her.

All in all, it was a great story. Funny and even with so many chapters, it reads fast. I loved it. Great read. No cheating between the mcs, only a day or 2 separation, no ow/om drama at all.

Epilogue shows years down the road. They are happily married with the twins and a son. Great story. Funny all around.

I gave it 4 out of 5 stars.  Thanks for reading. Hope you check it out.  You can get it on KU:Junkyard Dog (White Horse Book 1)

If you don’t have KU, you can get a free trial:

Printed copy:


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